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Elena Ferrante: ‘Anonymity lets me centre alone on writing’

Elena Ferrante is one of “the worlds largest” talked about novelists of recent years, with her biographical fibs set in Naples yet no one has ever assembled her. Deborah Orr talks to the enigmatic scribe, in an extract from the latest issue of the Gentlewoman Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym. Elena Ferrante does not exist. … Read More

In the future there will be mindclones

This an stimulating excerpt from the brand-new notebook Thinking Machines by Like Dormehl. The volume offers the details of the record of primitive machine learning and a dense and mesmerizing look at the future of true-life neural networks. The notebook is available now. Marius Ursache wants you to live forever. Its not a offend to … Read More

The good notebooks for summer 2016

From Essex serpents to chimps, political irony to the best brand-new thrillers guiding columnists discover which volumes they will be taking to the beach Julian Barnes I recently reread Anita Brookner s firstly novel A Start in Life ( Penguin ), and it left me thinking that maybe all novelists should be forbidden from writing … Read More