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The Festival Guy: how one gentleman turned festival-ing into a lifestyle

Tucker Gumber sold his home, parcelled a suitcase and now dedicates their own lives to carnivals, having wasted 460 epoches dancing, camping and listening to live music The first time Tucker Gumber listened a music celebration, he was both enchanted and a touch shocked. It was winter 2011 at Colorado’s Snowball, and with flurries falling … Read More

The #CondomChallenge Is Now A ThingaEUR |

In the olden days a challenge used to mean something like climbing a mountain, or going a maths GCSE. Luckily, we now have the internet, and any objection- which must be live tweeted or snapchatted- has words like cinnamon, sparkler container or diet coke and mentos in front of it. Well get your rubbers at … Read More

Gaspar Noe: ‘Six parties moved out of Climax? No! I typically have 25% ‘

The heads brutal, sexually accused films fight as numerous witness as they access but at Cannes, almost all loved his latest, LSD-soaked dance drama Climax. So where did he go wrong? The Cannes equivalent of a Sunday service is the 8.30 am screening of Gaspar Noe’s Climax, in a cellar cinema beside the casino. Once … Read More

Creepy Footage Shows Possessed Teddy Bear Climbing Over Girl As She Sleeps

Ghosts. As favourite as the paranormal phenomenon is, they really don’t make sense. Someone succumbs quietly surrounded by their family in a hospital couch. They reply a final departing with rips streaming down their buttock as the departed stumbles out of consciousness for the last experience. That’s when they then wake up with a brand-new … Read More

8 Amazingly Cool Lieu From Harry Potter You Can See In Real life

Every time you watch a Harry Potter film, you can’t aid but think it’s one of the coolest examining franchises ever. Regardless if you like the movies/ works or not, stylistically, it’s astonishing . Thing is though, what with it being a operate of story, you can’t call “the worlds” of Harry Potter. You can, … Read More

My comic book tale: why Gerard Way trenched emo for ink

The former frontman of My Chemical Romance examines his love for comics and his own entitles that hell be unveiling at New York Comic Con this week It’s perhaps an exaggeration to say that comic books saved Gerard Way’s life, but they surely played their part.” I was often quite a depressed teenager ,” says … Read More

M.I.A Has Her Say On The Refugee Crisis With Video For aEUR~ BordersaEUR( tm)

Rapper M.I.A isn’t one to shy away from political contention. Her music attacks everything from genocide, to women’s privileges, to terrorism . She was once briefly put on the US Homeland Security Risk List– as the lyricals on her second album were accused enough to scare the American government- and Ivy League University Brown even … Read More

Rebel Wilson Hits Back At 1D Followers Who Accused Her Of” Sexually Assaulting” Harry Styles

While climbing on top of Harry Styles was part of a sketch in which Rebel Wilsonplayed an obsessed One Direction fan, haunted One Direction fans didn’t fairly see the entertaining area . According to the Pitch Perfect actress, her- apparently all too real- portrayal of someone in love with Harry Styles didn’t get the best … Read More

BMX Legend And Presenter, Dave Mirra, Has Passed Away Aged 41

BMX legend and presenter, Dave Mirra, has died, aged 41. The star, who supported themost X Games medallions until 2013, leaves his wife Lauren and two daughters as he was found dead in his truck on Thursday afternoon. Police are treating it as an apparent suicide. Hours before his death, Mirra shared this photo on … Read More

These 13 Unexplained Photographs From History Are Seriously Weird

A situation tells hundreds of thousands of terms, apparently. But what if the picture involves more than hundreds of thousands of terms worth of justification? Too bad. You only get a thousand . Pictures like these, for example, necessary at least a thousand-and-fifty terms as they are some of the more controversial andinexplicable photographs of … Read More