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How extreme is your life? Take the test

Do you know what a carabiner is? What do the notes in BASE jumping stand for? And when did you last depart skydiving? Find out whether youre GoPro or go slow with our handy quiz A sidekick asks if youd like to go for a motorcycle go at the weekend. Do you Accept, but hint … Read More

Five die in French Alps in series of extreme plays coincidences

Two climbers, a paraglider, a hang glider and a wingsuit jumper lose their lives in incidents over two days A deadly weekend for extreme athletics in the French Alps has claimed the living conditions of two climbers, a paraglider, a hang glider and a wingsuit jumper. On Sunday afternoon, rescuers met a paragliders organization on … Read More

The Excruciating, 200 -MPH World of Wingsuit Racing

Joe Ridler has climbed out of an airplane practically 700 occasions in his life, but when he makes the leap earlier in the day, the goals and targets will be about more than reaching the ground safely. It will be to fly through the air faster, farther, and for longer than anyone else in the … Read More

Wingsuit Base jumper Steph Davis describes propping on and giving become

When pro climber and Base jumper Steph Davis lost her husband in a disintegrate, she considered stepping off her favorite rush recognise without a parachute Despite two decades as health professionals climber, putting up free solo and first risings of noticeable peaks around the world, Steph Davis isnt what the hell are you word-painting when … Read More

Why are deadly extreme athletics most popular than ever?

Five people died in the French Alps last weekend in boasting occurrences from paragliding to wingsuit running. What pushes people to test the eventual limits of their own security? Darios ready, tells Dario Zanon. Three, two, one, tells Graham Dickinson. Vive la France! they both wail as they leap from the summit of Le Brvent … Read More

California wingsuit flier dies after rush from Arizona cliff

Mathew Kenney, 29, fell to his death on Tuesday while wingsuit-flying among remote cliffs on the Arizona-Utah border A California man has died while wingsuit-flying among remote cliffs on the Arizona-Utah border, experts said. The Coconino County Sheriffs Office said Wednesday that it is designing a plan to recover their own bodies of Mathew Kenney, … Read More

Extreme Stunts – Spiderman Climbs Skyscraper

Utilizing only his bare hands, french Spiderman Alain Robert scales an 150 meter structure in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Individuals view as Robert quickly arrives of the National Telecom structure in 20 minutes. Strength Training For Climbing In climbing, there is an old adage stating that “climbing is the best training for … Read More

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