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Wild boar dedicates British ambassador to Austria a scare

Envoy narrates being accused at by massive specimen, resulting in minor injuries as he slipped during his escape Britains ambassador to Austria are typically been given a warm welcome, but a neighbourhood wild boar appeared to have little time for diplomatic niceties. Leigh Turner, who took up the post last August, has been shown that … Read More

TransferWise co-founder on Brexit: ‘London may no longer be the tech center for Europe’

One of the UKs biggest tech fellowships may be staying in the UK for now but it still contemplates Brexit is a disaster TransferWise, the foreign exchange startup founded in 2011 by Estonian duo Kristo Krmann and Taavet Hinrikus, is expanding. In a cafe just outside the companys brand-new agencies, near the highest level of … Read More

‘Spider-Man’ burglar on trial over EUR1 00 m Paris art theft

Vjeran Tomic goes on trail for theft that included jobs by Picasso and Matisse from citys Modern Art Museum A burglar known as Spider-Man , notorious for daring acrobatic heists, goes on trial Monday for the 2010 fraud of a 100 m carry that included employments by Picasso and Matisse from a Paris gallery. Vjeran … Read More

Surge in aid from many European countries driven by expenditure on looking after refugees at home, where spending has nearly doubled The amount of foreign aid money rich nations spend on dealing with the impact of the refugee crisis at home has almost doubled over the past year and now accounts for 9% of all … Read More

France loses skiing pole position as US leads wintertime plays ends

Lack of snow in Alps and Pyrenees determines US useds overtake France as natures top skiing destination for first time since 2012 France the ground of pristine Alpine useds and dramatic Pyrenean vistas has been pipped at the pole as top nature winter sport end by its close rival the United States. French ski useds … Read More

A generation feeling let down by traditional parties and excluded from opportunity are putting their faith in Front National victory Along the winding roads of Yonne, one of Frances poorest and most sparsely populated dpartements, Marine Le Pens smiling face is now part of the landscape. Strictly speaking, fly-posting is illegal. But in the villages … Read More

Estelle Balet, snowboarding endorse, killed at age of 21 in avalanche

Swiss police allege snowboarder Estelle Balet has been killed in an avalanche while making a movie on the French border Swiss snowboarding champion Estelle Balet was killed in an avalanche on Tuesday after a slab of snow transgressed away during a cinema shoot in Switzerland and swept her down a narrow, bumpy slope. Police say … Read More

East Germany’s old-time mines be converted into new reservoir region

Despite a 2.2 bn regeneration curriculum, the Lusatian Lake District project, on land once resided by the GDRs industrial stronghold, remains relatively unknown to non-east Germans. So we took a tour This was once one of the dirtiest areas in East Germany, enunciates Sren, my tour guide from IBA Tours, as our bikes swoosh through … Read More

Where is the most cycle-friendly metropoli in the world?

The Dutch and Danish cycling utopias of Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Copenhagen are high up the roll but what about the rest of “the worlds”? The future of cycling in the UK was coping a bad hand when George Osbornes Spending Review uncovered a brand-new commitment of PS300m to cycling investment to 2020/21. While that … Read More

Grocery anxieties push Deutsche Bank to give assurances over fiscal health

Share price recovers somewhat after John Cryan casts memo to German banks staff Deutsche Bank is attempting to squelch panics about its financial health as its shares crumbled to brand-new lows on Friday, driving stock market in Asia and Europe sharply lower. Shares in Germanys biggest bank descended below 10 in early trading, a slide … Read More

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