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What Will Italys Referendum Mean for the Euro?

Investors reeling from democratic collapses in Britain and the U.S. are worried about Italys future in Europes monetary confederation. Theyre concerned that a defeat for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in the Dec. 4 constitutional-reform referendum would undercut the nations unstable political stability. Yet attracting Italy out of the euro doesnt seem to be an imminent … Read More

Broths Wane on Earnings as Draghi’s Remarks Spur Euro Slide

Stocks halted a two-day rally as sellers analyse earnings from some of “the worlds” largest business. The euro fell after Mario Draghi said the regions central bank hasnt considered spreading or tapering stimulus. Equities slumped as lackluster predicts from Nestle SA to EBay Inc. outweighed optimism with American Express Co. and Deutsche Lufthansa AGs projections. … Read More