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Climbers hope to reach Everest summit for first time in over two years

Nearly 300 climbers and their templates “re ready for” condition window the coming week after two climbing seasons marred by tragedy Climbers are hoping to reach the summit of Everest this week for the first time in almost three years, following two seasons observed by misfortunes on “the worlds” highest mountain. Summit assaults are expected … Read More

Streetfighting female: inside the story of how cycling changed New York

As transport commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan faced down reviewers to transform New York with 400 miles of cycling roads, a bicycle share scheme and the remodelling of Times Square. Any city can do it, she tells Peter Walker Janette Sadik-Khan, who in alliance with her then-boss, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, arguably did as much to … Read More

Still no piloting vehicles? The future of transit promises something even better

From driverless gondolas to ecologically based vehicles, here are a few lanes that technology promises to change the transportation industry We may not yet be living in an age of flying cars, as predicted in the 1985 cinema Back To The Future II, but the rise of smartphones and other new technologies is creating a … Read More

‘ Who knows what we’ll find next ?’ Journey to the heart of Mozambique’s hidden forest

Since it was identified on Google Earth in 2005, the wood of Mount Mabu has amazed scientists with its unique wildlife. Jeffrey Barbee joins explorer Professor Julian Bayliss on the first journey to its green heart The sodden boots of the team slide backwards in the black clay as they strive up towards the bank … Read More

Seal to be set free after promenade through Tasmanian municipality

The 200 kg mammal “mustve been” tranquillised after clambering on to a vehicle in suburban Launceston A giant fur close that spent Boxing Day wandering suburban Tasmanias streets will be secreted back into the wild. Police, and commons and sildlife officers wasted often of Monday morning trying to capture the seal, which took a stroll … Read More

Snake hunters captivate 106 Burmese pythons in Florida Everglades

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials commissioned hunters help to tackle millions of invasive pythons from south-east Asia that have overrun the Everglades Snake hunters captured 106 Burmese pythons after weeks of traipsing through the Florida Everglades, territory wildlife officials announced on Saturday, together with gives for the most impressive catches. Thousands of invasive pythons from … Read More

Twister narratives: stormchasing in Tornado Alley, Oklahoma

Out on the US Great Plains a gale is brewing and thats enormous word for extreme condition devotees on a tour thats all about evidencing the power of quality up close Not too many parties go on holiday hoping for bad weather. Here Im surrounded by them. Were at yet another gas station, somewhere in … Read More

How I deal with the unbearable hypocrisy of being an environmentalist

Its not easy living light-green without going totally off the grid, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt do what we can and had recognized that sometimes well fail I consider myself an environmentalist, yet last weekend I expended five hours in a auto dealership “re going through” the rigamarole of get a brand-new gondola arguably … Read More

Where is the most cycle-friendly metropoli in the world?

The Dutch and Danish cycling utopias of Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Copenhagen are high up the roll but what about the rest of “the worlds”? The future of cycling in the UK was coping a bad hand when George Osbornes Spending Review uncovered a brand-new commitment of PS300m to cycling investment to 2020/21. While that … Read More

On Everest: fill the peoples of the territories scaling the world’s highest top

Its been described as high altitude roulette, and claimed 19 lives in last years earthquake. So why do it? Photographers Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer find out There are still simply two indices compiled by Everest obsessives: the list of those who reach the top, and the list of those who die. In recent years, … Read More

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