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Fake Lincolns and More Adventures of an RNC Uber Driver

There are three people dressed like Lincoln gazing in my attitude as I curve the Public Square. Cleveland. The third Lincoln from the left is truly “re giving me” the business with his eyes. Thats what they do when theyre looking for you, for their Uber. They try to lock attentions. Cool, I see. Maybe … Read More

A Trump Protest Basically Shut Down Chicago Last Night( And Here Are All Of The Amazing Things I Evidenced First-Hand During It)

Yesterday felt like a sickdream. It was the first time I understood what parties signify when they knew a misfortune and they said it felt like a nightmare they maintain tryingto wake up from. I detected so disheartened, so heartsick, and so worried for all the people in this country specially the millions that Trump … Read More