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EgyptAir Passengers And Crew Freed Unharmed After Hijacking

LARNACA, Cyprus/ CAIRO, March 29( Reuters) – An EgyptAir plane winging from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked and forced to country in Cyprus on Tuesday by a boy with what powers read was a fake suicide loop, who was arrested after passing himself up. The passengers and gangs were unharmed. Eighty-one beings, including 21 foreign … Read More

The Underwater Archaeologist Who Surfaced Not One, But Two Ancient Egyptian Metropolitans

The first time he uncovered an Egyptian artifact, archaeologist Franck Goddio was at the bottom of the Alexandria harbor. He had exhumed 5 hoofs of slime to find a bench-sized blocking of blood-red granite, and, as the water cleared, he spoke the hieroglyphics inscribed on the stone through his scuba disguise: Life Forever. For Goddio, … Read More

This Daredevil Filmed Himself Climbing To The Top Of An Egyptian Pyramid

In 60 times, Andrej Ciesielski will glean his grandchildren round to give them crushingly-unreal possibilities of hurtle, tellingthem about the time he scaled the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Munich native saw Egypt for a casual clamber to the top of one of the Seven Wonders of the Worldwhen police werent looking. According to Ciesielskis … Read More