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VR’s killer app: business services

Chris Young Contributor Chris Young is administering general collaborator at Revel Marriage, a B2B software early-stage venture fund. More posts by this benefactor: Apple TV Is The Latest Step In The Disintermediation Of Media

Will ladies be equal to males in 100 years? | Margaret Atwood, Lola Okolosie, Polly Toynbee, Athene Donald and Julie Bindel

In 1918 some women got the vote but in 2018 equal opportunities has not been reached. Five writers share their views for purposes of determining whether parity will be achieved in 2118 Women’s suffrage The body Will women be equal to humankinds in 100 years? The panel finding In 1918 some girls got the vote- … Read More

Oklahoma teachers’ salary raise in limbo following historic triumphs

Petition backed by conservative activists targets imposition hikes intended to cover coaches raise Striking Oklahoma teaches, the most difficult paid in the US, prevailed an historical repay rise in the spring. Now, conservative groups have targeted the tax hikes earmarked to pay them, and by November the money could be gone, leaving colleges and educators … Read More

How did one of the worst paedophiles in biography get by with his violations? | Robert Booth

The Long Read: For more than 40 years, William James Vahey medication and mistreated the thousands of pupils at international academies around the world. A Guardian investigation reveals that, despite numerous opportunities to stop him , nothing was done On 21 March 2014, a 64 -year-old teacher mentioned William James Vahey checked into a inexpensive … Read More

Forgotten cities# 9: combating racism and breaks- the plundering of Great Zimbabwe

In the 19 th century, European visitors to this abandoned medieval municipality refused to believe that indigenous Africans could have constructed such an extensive network of headstones. Such ignorance was ruinous for the remains of Great Zimbabwe In the early 16 th century, rumours of a mysterious fortress with stupendous walls, abandoned in the African … Read More

9 strange-but-true photos that captivate Las Vegas’ brief love affair with nuclear bombs.

On Jan. 27, 1951, a U.S. B-5 0 grinder ceased a thermonuclear weapon over the Nevada desert. “A fantastically shining gloom is climbing upward like a huge umbrella, ” said John Kerrigan of The Washington Bulletin . The bomb, codenamed Able, detonated about a thousand hoofs above the field, decorating the early morning sky. The … Read More

Invigorating: Convene The Principal Who Agreed To Rush Off The School Building If His Students Speak 10,000 Sheets By June

It looks like the students at Joaquin Miller Middle School have an extra reason to read up this month. Principal Rory Caldwell was looking for a way to motivate his students, so he made them a treat: If they manage to read a combined 10,000 sheets by June 1, inferno jump off the ceiling of … Read More

The Life Project: what stimulates some people happy, healthy and successful- and others not?

The factors that most affect “peoples lives” occasions are divulged as the first group of British babies followed in a impressive cradle-to-grave investigate swerves 70 In March 1946, scientists entered birth certificates of virtually every British child born in one, cold week. They have been following thousands of them ever since, in what has become … Read More

A Revolutionary Way of Loosing a Generation of Geniuses

You can read a form of this history in Spanish here. Pueden leer una versin de esta historia en espaol aqu .~ ATAGEND Jose Urbina Lopez Primary School sits next to a drop exactly across the US border in Mexico. The academy provides inhabitants of Matamoros, a dusty, sunbaked metropolitan of 489, 000 that is … Read More