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While You Were Offline: Free Nuggs. Pls RT

As of this writing, most of the internet is discussing the US rocket impres in Syria, Russia’s condemnation of it, or some combination of both. Oh, you thought to keep its customers’ identities secret would be the most controversial storey this week? Nope! In reality, that was just a blip on the internet radar.( And, … Read More

From the time Trump’s tweets disappeared to David Davis’s Brexit diary: satirists take on the news

Joe Lycett, Ayesha Hazarika, Grinne Maguire and Nish Kumar take a fresh look at the year as part of our slapstick special What happened that time Trump vanished from Twitter? Simply Joe Lycett knows On 3 November 2017, President Donald J Trump’s Twitter detail was taken down for 11 times. For those minutes, the world … Read More

Patagonia assembles violences with activists to ensure public lands from Trump

Native Americans and ecological exponents get help from outdoor retailers as they engagement proposal to change gravestones boundaries Environmental activists, Native American groups and a coalition of outdoor retailers have vowed to redouble their efforts to protect public countries, after the US interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, recommended on Thursday that Donald Trump change the boundaries … Read More

Hoaxes that get viral

Did Kanye West disguise the word I am Lord Voldemort in his tweets? No. Here are five more legends that moron the world The internet rarely makes truth get in the way of a good story, which are able to spread worldwide before anyone checks the facts. The beached dolphin that expired this month while … Read More

‘Hollyweed’ guy is back with a sign for Donald Trump

The “Hollyweed” sign guy is back with a 40 -foot message for Donald Trump. Zach Fernandez, the man behind the notorious “Hollyweed” sign, has claimed responsibility for climbing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Saturday night and hanging a massive flag that said “Impeach.” SEE ALSO: 6 ways to push your online activism into … Read More

Spicer applauds secret services after would-be White House intruder tackled

Person moves over bicycle rack in demilitarized zone but does not reach grounds, a week after follower who scaled barricade was on dimension for 16 minutes A person climbed over a bike rack in a buffer zone in front of the White House on Saturday but been unable to make it over the fence into … Read More

The Real Story of How We Came Close to Nuclear Armageddon

A new documentary focuses on the Sept. 19, 1980, blowup of one of the Air Force’s Titan II rockets in Arkansas–a Kafkaesque saga of human error and bureaucratic incompetence.”> We live in scaring times. Nuclear Armageddon, or a reasonable fax thereof, remains a distinct prospect in the post-Cold War world, and thats not just because … Read More

Eminem comes after Trump in explosive ballad on Big Sean’s brand-new book

Image: Evan Agostini/ Invision/ AP Eminem would like to be the American buster who gets away with saying the most ridiculous and and offensive events again. Thanks, Donald Trump, he’ll take it from here. Eminem comes after Trump and everything he braces dear( his label) in a lyric on Big Sean’s “No Favors” from his … Read More

Steve the Trump Tower Climber Liberated Video Manifesto Pledging Support for Donald Trump

Why did this serviceman give suction beakers to climb Trump Tower? A video posted on YouTube a day earlier plies some clues.”> If Steve from Virginia, as authorities have identified him, wanted to get Donald Trumps attention, he almost certainly succeeded. On Wednesday afternoon, the long-haired man wearing white-hot baseball cap and a black knapsack … Read More

Woman shot for establishing Trump motorcade the finger

Late last month, a woman biking alongside President Donald Trump‘s motorcade extended her middle thumb and became a tribe hero to the left. Now, she’s out of a job. Juli Briskman revealed that her bos, Akima LLC, fired her once they realized she was the status of women in the picture, she told the Huffington … Read More

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