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5 fan-favorite Disney conspiracy theoriesaEUR” discredited at last

In a perfect Disney nature, everyone is related and all the legends are interconnected. Tarzan s Jane is Beauty and The Beast s granddaughter( which would explain why its so simple for her to understand “the mens” of the jungle ), while Tarzan himself is the younger brother of Frozen s Elsa and Anna, whose … Read More

Disney’s lizard-like robot VertiGo is a wall-climbing nightmare

It’s not a character in a brand-new animated movie, but VertiGo, a robot been developed by Disney, would fit right into those imaginary on-screen worlds. VertiGo can move gracefully from the dirt to the wall and ascent along walls vertically like a lizard, even on uneven surfaces. The 4.5 -pound VertiGo robot, was established by … Read More

‘Rogue One’ swept$ 1 billion at the box office over the weekend

Image: Blumhouse Productions It’s been 13 times and seven targeting gigs since an M. Night Shyamalan movie opened at the top of the box office. Split cracked that drought over the weekend. While Sunday box office multitudes are admittedly approximations, there is zero risk for# 2 finisher xXx: The Return of Xander Cage . The … Read More