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Tesla Shows Signs of a Model 3 Surge

Tesla Shows Signs of a Model 3 Surge As the part ends, Bloomberg’s tracker indicates a strong finish after 3 month of production commotion . By Tom Randall @tsrandall More legends by Tom Randall From It’s been a rough one-quarter for the rollout of Tesla’s Model 3. There were faulty robots at the Nevada battery … Read More

Marcus Engman:’ I answer emails with a single word, like Steve Jobs did’

The head of design at Ikea on 12 -hour working days, falling asleep anywhere, and his love of dangerous sports Sleep It’s lost time when you’re asleep; epoch you can’t apply. I sleep when I need to: six to seven hours a darknes. I’ve learned to fall asleep anywhere. Light is no longer an nuisance. … Read More

The billion-dollar palaces of Apple, Facebook and Google

How the tech monstrous are employing top designers to construct stunning epitomizes of their gigantic world-wide power We know by now that the internet is a monstrou playpen, a landscape of dolls, distractions and instant gratification, of chirps and creaks and bright, glossy things plus, rest assured, ugly, hideous beasties lurking in all the softness … Read More

What the fuck is the power look like in 10 years? 6 experts prophesy the future

( CNN) It happens every few years: a seismic transformation in the way we live “peoples lives” gasolines a change in human behavior so significant, it blows the concept of the agency as we know it out of the sea. Read: Muji’s rewrote Tokyo store now sells groceries — and minuscule residences So what might … Read More

If You Care About Municipalities, Apple’s New Campus Sucks

The new headquarters Apple is building in Cupertino has the absolute excellent doorway treats. The greatest! They are, as all my fellow members Steven Levy writes, precision-milled aluminum runways that attach to glass doors–sliding and fluctuating alike–with no visible bolts. Everything in this building is the best. The toroid glass of the ceiling bows scientifically … Read More

Fitbit Ionic Review: The Arms Race for Wrists Shifts Into High Gear

Among the high-achieving, largely urban-dwelling professionals who expend a lot of age, money, and psychic energy on endurance contenders, sporting aspirations are worn on the wrist. That’s why investment bankers and executives helped become the Timex Ironman one of the best-selling watches in the world–a Rolex contacts asset, but that $100 digital wristwatch says you’re … Read More