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How do you build a healthy city? Copenhagen discloses its secrets

The Danish capital grades high on the register of countries around the world healthiest and happiest metropolitans. With obesity and feeling on the rise worldwide, here are its exercises for how to combat them culturally How do you build a health metropolitan? Copenhagen exposes its secrets Environment How do you build a health metropolitan? Copenhagen … Read More

Kim Wall ‘stabbed 15 times’ onboard Danish inventor’s submarine

Cause of writers extinction yet to be established, tribunal hears, as assassinate suppose Peter Madsens imprisonment is extended The believed killer of Swedish columnist Kim Wall will be detained for four more weeks after a Copenhagen court received information that 15 thrust wounds had been are available on her body. Peter Madsen, 46, faces a … Read More

The Secret To Danish Happiness

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Where is the most cycle-friendly metropoli in the world?

The Dutch and Danish cycling utopias of Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Copenhagen are high up the roll but what about the rest of “the worlds”? The future of cycling in the UK was coping a bad hand when George Osbornes Spending Review uncovered a brand-new commitment of PS300m to cycling investment to 2020/21. While that … Read More