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Conflict Is Sexy: Why I’ll Merely Date Someone Who’s Everything I’m Not

I have a friend called Taylor who only dates people who are exactly, 100 percentage, to the( literal) T like Taylor. Taylor is what I like to exquisitely refer to as a “twin f* cker, necessitating he mostly dates someone who could essentially be his biological twinned sister because they are so f* cking alike. … Read More

6 Non-Clichd Date Ideas For The Couple Who’s Down To Live Life On The Periphery

Theres something about summer that elicits a unrelenting appreciation of escapade in us all. Its the season weve been fiercely awaiting ever since the first day of winter began. We welcome all of the sunny suffers with open arms, because summer is our number one #bae. And for every couple out there who likes to … Read More