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Kenny Chesney: ‘Entertainers dislike gatherings watching through cellphones’

The country star, on his 17 th album since 1994, has a new tendency and strong things to say about the route our digital culture has changed human interaction Like any large-scale music hotshot, Kenny Chesney is used to beings reaching out to shake his hands from the figurehead rows of his stadium displays. But … Read More

Cannibalism, bad appointments and sparkler skating: the best movie instants of 2017

Guardian commentators pick their favorite cinematic chips from the year, taking in vistums from cinemas including Steven Soderberghs heist comedy Logan Lucky and ribald hit slapstick Girls Trip The paint accident- The Florida Project Willem Dafoe in The Florida Project: no time to lose. Photo: Freestyle/ Kobal/ Rex/ Shutterstock There is a moment in Sean … Read More

What Happens When You Track Your Boyfriend on Strava

Not long after I gratified my lover, I threw a tracking invention on him. I didn’t quite mean to do that. What I did, truly, was follow him on Strava, the GPS-powered social app that delineates your workouts. I was 23, and a nonexerciser who stayed fit with a perilous regimen of genetics. My new … Read More

Taylor Wessing prize: who is the man in the photograph?

Amadou Sumaila demonstrates granted permission to share character in which he explains how and why he left Mali and arrived in Sicily Amadou Sumaila are members of 118 parties rescued from an inflatable ship drifting 20 miles off the Libyan coast on a clearly defined, calm morning in August last year. The kind of daytime … Read More

Stormzy’s Brits triumph verifies grime idol take over the world

Theresa May responded to his analysi, his devotees include Jeremy Corbyn and the C of E and he still induces a young black audience When Stormzy and make Fraser T Smith started work on the grunge ace‘s debut book, the pair would fantasise regarding the possibility of it acquiring Brit apportions. Last darknes at the … Read More

Andy Serkis:’ King Kong was the epiphany. It was like: you can now do anything’

His concerts in cinemas from The Lord of the Rings to Planet of the Apes facilitated alter movie behaving. But his decision to direct a film, Breathe, about a disabled-rights campaigner is a very personal one, he explains Breathe is not technically Andy Serkis’s firstly cinema as board of directors. He had already shot his … Read More

‘I was high as hell’: Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, attacks prescription of OxyContin

The musician wrote about his drug addiction in Time magazine, and bickered its hard to beat lure when doctors prescribe opioids Flea, the bassist in Red Hot Chili Peppers, has laid bare his strives with craving, and attacked the prescription of the contentious opioid drug OxyContin. Flea, born Michael Balzary, wrote the revelations in an … Read More

Top 10 stimulating female wanderers

Many female hurtle adventurers have become lost in time so, to celebrate International Womens Day, we pick 10 prodigious women who eluded convention to undertake awe-inspiring journeys Jeanne Baret( 1740 -1 807) Portrait of Jeanne Baret. Picture: Getty Images Baret is recognised as the first woman to circumnavigate countries around the world but she had … Read More

Elena Ferrante: ‘Anonymity lets me centre alone on writing’

Elena Ferrante is one of “the worlds largest” talked about novelists of recent years, with her biographical fibs set in Naples yet no one has ever assembled her. Deborah Orr talks to the enigmatic scribe, in an extract from the latest issue of the Gentlewoman Elena Ferrante is a pseudonym. Elena Ferrante does not exist. … Read More

You’ll Feel Nostalgic When You Read What These People Just Formed For Their Cat

Cats are finicky souls. While most dogs merely blindly love you and everything you do for them, “cat-o-nine-tails” prefer to be impressed. I personally revalue any person who is keeps their touchstones high, so I have a soft spot for felines( and the fact that they’re stunning doesn’t precisely hurt ). These cat parents know … Read More

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