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This Is A PSA: Don’t Ever Put Your Hand This Close To A Whip Spider

Have you ever seen a scourge spider up open? Me neither, and I don’t especially want to. Well , not everyone is so skittish around creepy-crawlies. There are some folks who see something creepy and rather than run away…go full speed onward to check it out. I exclusively have two things to say to the … Read More

10 Unconventional Items You Never Would Have Supposed Were Exploited In Cold Blooded Murder( But Totally Were)

1. A Spoon. After clambering out of a opening of the rehab hub he was staying in in 2003, Richard Clare made his style to the home of James Gibson. Supposedly Gibson owned him fund that Clare was looking to collect and after Gibson failed to come up with the funds Clare took his cell … Read More

Here’s The Creepiest Wikipedia Article From Every State

After lots of research, we have put together our collect of the 50 creepiest wikipedia articles from our 50 creepy-crawly districts! Disagree with one of our decisions? Bring up other creepy Wikipedia articles in the comment section ! Alabama Red Lady of Huntingdon College According to legend, the Red Lady was a sad student who … Read More

Mountain Madness: 10 Horrifying Skiing And Snowboarding Coincidences That Shouldn’t Have Happened

1. The Death Of Natasha Richardson Even though Richardson was a Tonyaward-winningactress in her own privilege, you are not able to have heard of herbut you’ve definitely heard ofher husband, world far-famed performer Liam Neeson. Sadly, Richardson’s death wasn’t caused by some extinction withstanding endeavor at property an insane gimmick, it was because she suffered … Read More