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‘ Your animal life is over. Machine life has begun .’ The superhighway to immortality

In California, progressive scientists and billionaire patrons consider information and communication technologies to widen life by uploading sentiments to prevail separately from the body is only a few years away Heres what happens. You are lying on an operating table, fully self-conscious, but rendered otherwise insensible, otherwise incapable of action. A humanoid machine shows at … Read More

Gate-crash: how computers are adjusting us up of natural disasters | Tim Harford

The Long Read: We increasingly tell computers hover airplanes and to be implemented by security checks. Driverless automobiles are next. But is our reliance on automation dangerously lessening our skills? When a sleepy-eyed Marc Dubois walked into the cockpit of his own aeroplane, he was currently facing a scene of embarrassment. The airplane was shaking … Read More