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The Doomsday L Train Shutdown Just Might Save NYC

Like Y2K and the Mayan prophecies relating December 21, 2012, the holocaust foreman for New York City comes with that “mark it on your calendar” boast you merely don’t get from bombshell nuclear attack. Here, the end-of-the-world appointment in question is April 2019, when one of its most important linkages between Manhattan and Brooklyn will … Read More

What would a truly disabled-accessible city look like?

Most metropolis are completely unfriendly to people with disabilities but with virtually one billion estimated based urban-dwellers by 2050, a few metropolitans are undergoing a remarkable shift To David Meere, a visually impaired man from Melbourne, among the various obstacles to life in municipalities is another that is less frequently discussed: fear. ” The fear … Read More

‘It belongs to all of Sarajevo’: reopened cable car promotes municipality out of the past

The siege of Sarajevo turned rest recognize Mount Trebevi into a destructive sniper position. Can the reopening of its famed gondola journey lastly heal old-fashioned wraps? P azite, Snajper !– Beware, Sniper!- warned the signs along the Sarajevo street exposed to marksmen searching through their rifle viewfinders from the top of Mount Trebevic. People would … Read More

How do you build a healthy city? Copenhagen discloses its secrets

The Danish capital grades high on the register of countries around the world healthiest and happiest metropolitans. With obesity and feeling on the rise worldwide, here are its exercises for how to combat them culturally How do you build a health metropolitan? Copenhagen exposes its secrets Environment How do you build a health metropolitan? Copenhagen … Read More

The enticement of towering buildings: A guidebook to the risky but lucrative nature of’ rooftoppers’

The eventual selfie can bring kudos and currency to city rooftoppers When teenager Harry Gallagher clambered on to the roof of Canary Wharfs highest building his employs moved viral. Gallagher, 19, aka Nightscape, is a rooftopper, a person who has incomes access to buildings and restricted infinites to take photos of themselves, often hanging in … Read More

Americans Are Descending in Love With Bike Share

Bad news for the cool children who depend on their sugared fixies for cultural cachet: Cycling has hit the mainstream. Harmonizing to a report merely released by the National Association of City Transportation Officials, residents and tourists in US metropolis took 35 million bike-share journeys in 2017, up a whopping 25 percent from the year … Read More

South Bronx: home of hip-hop combats to keep its feeling as gentrification moves in

As Netflixs new evidence The Get down graphs the boroughs musical past, the area is becoming a hipster hotspot In New York right now the talk is all about The Get down. Baz Luhrmanns Netflix visual extravaganza graphing the birth of hip-hop was the most eagerly awaited brand-new appearance of the summer, a hugely expensive( … Read More

How the money chink between restaurant goers and those serving them is increasing

Food service jobs in the Dallas area are on the rise, but pain travels and high-pitched hires are making this fruitful task domain off limits to many Texas workers Andrea Gillette lined up the bottles of fruit-flavored concoctions behind the bar. The person who bends a ladder against the big chalkboard to write out the … Read More

Residence Costs in 20 U.S. City Rose Less Than Forecast in May

Home costs in 20 U.S. cities rose less than projected in May from a year earlier, signaling both buyers and sellers had the potential to benefit during the busy selling season, according to S& P CoreLogic Case-Shiller data reported Tuesday. Key Points 20 -city property importances indicator increased 5.2 percent from May 2015( prediction was … Read More

China’s New Home Prices Rise in Most Metropolis in Six Months

China home prices rose in the most metropolitans in six months even as the government prolonged its campaign to curb property speculation. New-home costs, omitting government-subsidized housing, in December rose in 57 of 70 metropolis tracked including the government, compared with 50 in November, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Thursday. Tolls fell in … Read More

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