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Miles gives you honor miles for almost everything

Reward miles are neat if you hover a lot but what if you bike or take Lyfts or just like to walk around city? A brand-new app announced Miles aims to give you wages for all of those thoughts, bringing the notion of reinforces out of the breath and onto the ground. Miles, co-founded by … Read More

Mark Zuckerberg defied himself and Facebook to a year of ranging

Image: trace zuckerberg/ facebook Mark Zuckerberg presented off ending his annual personal objection with a congratulatory Fast Company chart and some interesting videos full of WTF moments. Over the course of a year, the CEO of Facebook had crafted an at-home personal assistant that returned his lighters on and off, toasted his bread and spoke … Read More

Burton CEO is attending the Women’s March and her employees to join

Image: Donna carpenter/ instagram Snowboarding company Burton is obligating it as easy as it looks as possible for their employees to attend Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington. CEO and co-owner Donna Carpenter told Cosmopolitan in an interview that not only will she be attending the procession, she’s returning a posse: her employees. SEE ALSO: … Read More