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A brief record of the Oscars in viral moments they want you to forget

The offends, the cockups, the moves and anything involving John Travolta. We relive the moments everyone secretly hopes for Nobody watches the Oscars to see who prevails. Why would they, when the frontrunners all tend to be puddingy, little-watched middlebrow fare like The Imitation Game? No, parties exclusively watch for the cock-ups, the unexpected moments … Read More

Solange Deleted Her Twitter To “Preserve Her Spirit” In Charlottesville Aftermath

The back and forth between the alt-right and those who resist blatant prejudiceds picked up steam on Twitter, following murderous complains across the country. Likethe many other protestors against grey predominance, Solange was one who was blatantly not here for the racist trolls who came out of the darkness. And, likecomedienne Leslie Jones and Fifth … Read More

What next for the TV demonstrates caught in the post-Weinstein crossfire?

Shows from House of Poster to Transparent are in limbo thanks to accusations about their adepts. Offsetting them would penalize innocent co-stars and crew so what should they do? Until this very recent, post-Weinstein age, predators were protected in large-scale portion by a disgust for the extremely suggestion of sexual abuse: it was so strong … Read More

Meghan Markle’s Old Resum Rolls ‘Stripping’ As One Of Her Many Flairs

When Prince Harry announced that he “wouldve been” wedding American actress, Meghan Markle, the world interrogated her suitability. Not exclusively had the 36 -year-old actress been married once before, but she’d too had some rather questionable behaving capacities which cast a shadow of judgements over her imperial eligibility. Nonetheless, the concerns soon melted after Prince … Read More

This Paralyzed Man Is So Incredible Ellen HAD to Talk to HimAnd So Did His Personality Hero!

He bawls being paralyzed an “adventure” and his positive atmosphere has caught the world’s attention together with these fairly massive luminaries! Along with all of the rigors Jackson faced sufficing our country in Afghanistan was the fact that he was missing out watching his favorite squad triumph the super bowl. Drew Brees and the New … Read More