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Publicity stunt ‘terror attack’ frightens guests at Cannes’ Hotel du Cap

French internet company under flaming after applying six people in military uniforms to stage a scorn attack on the luxury hotel A fake terrorist attack has panicked clients at the Htel du Cap, the five-star indulgence inn frequented by luminary clients during the Cannes film carnival. The attack, which was in fact a stunt by … Read More

Gaspar Noe: ‘Six parties moved out of Climax? No! I typically have 25% ‘

The heads brutal, sexually accused films fight as numerous witness as they access but at Cannes, almost all loved his latest, LSD-soaked dance drama Climax. So where did he go wrong? The Cannes equivalent of a Sunday service is the 8.30 am screening of Gaspar Noe’s Climax, in a cellar cinema beside the casino. Once … Read More