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Private firefighters and five-star inns: how the rich sit out wildfires

Record-breaking US wildfires are fueling a cottage industry of boutique services and numerous are happy to pay the price With record-breaking wildfires engraving up the American west this summer, firefighters have become the rarest of civil servants: the kind almost universally lauded as heroes. Buttress dropped into California’s firefight from as far away as Australia … Read More

‘I meet concepts differently’: James Damore on his autism and the Google memo

He was shot from Google for underlining the fact that husbands may be more suited to working in tech than women. Now James Damore opens up about his sadness and how autism may have influenced its own experience of the world James Damore conforms to the stereotype. He’s happy to admit he fits the mould … Read More

Ousters and ‘criminalized spaces’: the bequest of Oakland’s Ghost Ship fire

As sentencing approachings following a depot fervor that killed 36, artists on the peripheries struggle to find infinites to live and work Artists and musicians in Oakland faced a frightful assignment when they awoke on 3 December 2016: figuring out if their friends were dead or alive. The fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse party … Read More

World Surf League to offer equal prize money to men and women

The decision comes after intense blowback to a social media post that divulged the gender pay gap among league surfers The photo told the story in unmissable large-scale block letters: a shot of two young surfers, one male and one female, both wins at a junior competitor in South africans in June, both brandishing outsize … Read More

Tesla Shows Signs of a Model 3 Surge

Tesla Shows Signs of a Model 3 Surge As the part ends, Bloomberg’s tracker indicates a strong finish after 3 month of production commotion . By Tom Randall @tsrandall More legends by Tom Randall From It’s been a rough one-quarter for the rollout of Tesla’s Model 3. There were faulty robots at the Nevada battery … Read More

Climber killed in massive rockfall on Yosemite’s El Capitan was British

Two Britons were among group scouting out site where piece of granite the dimensions of the an apartment house fell The climber who was humbled to demise by a massive rockfall in California’s Yosemite national park was British, officials have said. The Welsh holidaymaker was with his partner, a British lady, when more than 1,000 … Read More

Obama’s California desert monument: a benefit to some, a ‘land grab’ to others

Move starts daylight after permissions arrested and accused the unofficial chairman in Oregon militia standoff, which was inspired national maintenance policies Barack Obama affirmed the most significant single property tombstone of his presidency on Friday the same week that federal officials aggressively targeted rightwing activists who have rebelled against what the hell is distinguish as … Read More

The pitch-black person who can’t swim: why I lastly( almost) learned to swim

A lack of better access to consortia and the money to pay for lessons drives a ethnic partition in swimming ability. But after are married, I had no choice but to dive in If you just relax, youll move. Everyone floats, Monica, their teachers, adds calmly while Im flapping my terminus in sheer fright. Im … Read More

The billion-dollar palaces of Apple, Facebook and Google

How the tech monstrous are employing top designers to construct stunning epitomizes of their gigantic world-wide power We know by now that the internet is a monstrou playpen, a landscape of dolls, distractions and instant gratification, of chirps and creaks and bright, glossy things plus, rest assured, ugly, hideous beasties lurking in all the softness … Read More

‘I cooked not to come back’: the woman who finished the world’s hardest swimming

Kim Chambers started swimming after a life-changing collision. Just a few years later, she became the first female to take on a notorious pull of shark-inhabited waters Under a pitch-black sky in August 2015, Kim Chambers boarded a craft and manager out beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. She took a support team that included her … Read More

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