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Reno Is Starting to Examine More Like Silicon Valley

” Are you with Tesla or Panasonic ?” the waitress expects with a smile. It’s morning in Reno, and it’s natural to acquire anyone ingesting breakfast among the rustic wood walls and Instagram-worthy succulents of the Whitney Peak Hotel would work at the mammoth Tesla Gigafactory, jointly run by the two tech companionships. For grafts … Read More

Chindia Needs One More Thing From Apple

Apple Inc.’s long-awaited exhaust of three brand-new iPhone models has numerous would-be customers pondering whether to go all-in with $999 for the iPhone X or settle for the lesser iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. With the cheapest alternative “re coming back” at $699, Apple has left swathes of customers in developing groceries wondering whether … Read More

The Climate Technologist Sucking CO From the Atmosphereand Making Money Doing It

More than a decade into their friendship, Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher can’t decide which of them is the intellectual and which is the doer. They met in 2003 during the course of its firstly week as undergraduates at ETH Zurich, a Swiss technical university, where they studied engineering and quickly bonded over their shared … Read More

Illinois Is in a$ 6 Billion Budget Hole and Flirting With Junk

Two years ago, Illinois’s budget impasse meant that the state’s raffle wins had to wait for months to get their wins. Now, with $15 billion in unpaid bills, Illinois is on the brink of being unable to even sell Powerball tickets. For the third largest year in a row, the state is poised to begin … Read More

We Are Subsidizing Rich Suburbanites to Clog Metropolis With Their Cars

Not a new difficulty, but an pestering one: The federal tax system inspires companies to provide free parking to their employees by relieving the fringe benefit from taxation. That makes authorities to subsidizing commuters to drive themselves to work instead of carpooling or taking mass transit or step or biking or driving from home. The … Read More

A Spanish Chant at No. 1? All It Took Was Justin Bieber

In the music business, the so-called sung of the summer is a release that gets so much airplay and streaming and so many deems online during the warm-weather months that it becomes synonymous with summertime recreation. Think Drake’s or Carly Rae Jepsen’s . An early front-runner for this season’s title has something totally different going … Read More

The New Antarctic Iceberg Is Big Enough for Runways, Water Mines, and Crazy Dance Parties

The tabular iceberg that exactly divulged away from the Antarctic Peninsula is said to be as big as the state of Delaware. One gap is that the regime of Delaware, in addition to being warmer and closer to Philadelphia, has a population of 900,000, while the iceberg has a population of zero … thus far, … Read More

You Name the Drone, Theyll Build It

As dawn smashed on China’s southern Hainan Island, Yang Daozhu clambered up a metal stepladder for a better attitude over the cornfields, remote control in hand. Wearing a blue-blooded surgical mask and rubber boots, the 30 -year-old was soon steering a 120 -pound DJI drone back and forth above the yellow-tipped stalkings, throwing a was … Read More