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‘It belongs to all of Sarajevo’: reopened cable car promotes municipality out of the past

The siege of Sarajevo turned rest recognize Mount Trebevi into a destructive sniper position. Can the reopening of its famed gondola journey lastly heal old-fashioned wraps? P azite, Snajper !– Beware, Sniper!- warned the signs along the Sarajevo street exposed to marksmen searching through their rifle viewfinders from the top of Mount Trebevic. People would … Read More

14 years a fugitive: the hunt for Ratko Mladic, the Butcher of Bosnia | Julian Borger

The long speak: The Bosnian Serb general is accused of killing thousands of civilians at Srebenica and Sarajevo the worst transgressions in Europe since the Nazi era. Julian Borger tells the inside story of how he evaded capture for so long and was finally caught In July 1997, a Yugoslav army officer mentioned Milan Gunj … Read More

Fetching up the bodies in Bosnia | Ed Vulliamy

The Long Read: In Bosnia, an international organisation is digging up mass mausoleums and using cutting edge scientific research to give scapegoats pedigrees some feel of close and justice They are the unquiet dead. Laid out in rows inside a former industrial building on the edge of the Bosnian municipality of Sanski Most. Some of … Read More