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Bolivia’s cholita climbers scale highest mountain hitherto: ‘I wept with emotion’

Two years ago, 11 Aymara indigenous women who worked for mountaineers decided to do their own rise and had now been undertook five heydays near La Paz For years, Lydia Huayllas, 48, has worked as a cook at base camps and mountain-climbing refuges on the immerse, glacial slopes of Huayna Potosi, a 19,974 ft( 6,088 … Read More

How to Cheat Death Cycling on Bolivias Death Road

It has been dubbed’ the world’s most dangerous street ,’ with hairpin turns , no guardrails, and sheer brinks. Our fearless reporter set out to round it.”> Im biking down Death Road, when a massive semi-truck sounds as I round a make. I have a split second to decide: I could try to slow down … Read More