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The 2016 Philly Naked Bike Ride resulted and yes there are photos

Image: cheesesteakbluetelescope/ instagram Does wearing nothing but a helmet counting as being naked? Saturday evening, millions of cyclists showed off their biker organizations at the Philly Naked Bike Ride. The 10 -mile nude bike go website responds the race supports, “Riding together to promote ga self-conscious uptake, positive form persona, and cycling advocacy.” SEE ALSO: … Read More

They’ve Developed An Cunning New Type Of Intersection That Can Save Lives

It’s an strife that’s longed harassed street designers: how do you make an intersection safe for cyclists? Cities have increasingly expended shielded bike lanes to give cyclists defence when they travel alongside automobile traffic. But at intersections, situations become more touchy. In guild to allow for transforms, the protection ends. That’s a big problem. After … Read More

This Mountain Biking Video Will Most Definitely Leave A Pit In Your Stomach

Cyclists take 50 -mile bike ride in the shape of a turkey

San Francisco is known for its winding superhighways and apparently, those winding superhighways make for quite the joyous bike route. Every year around Thanksgiving, bikers end the 50-mile Turkey Ride in San Francisco. If cyclists track their course on their phones, an image of a goose wearing a pilgrim hat appears. SEE ALSO: Enjoy these … Read More

Solar-Powered, Glow in the Dark Bike Lanes are Being Measured in Poland

Solar-powered, glow in the dark bicycle roads are currently being tested near Lidzbark Warminski in the north of Poland. When amply charged, the synthetic material can provide up to 10 hours of light according to the material’s founders, TPA Instytut BadaA ,, Technicznych Sp. z o.o. The project, while same in thought to Studio Roosegaarde’s … Read More

Artist Asks People to Depict a Bicycle from Memory and Render the Arises

At first glance, the bicycle above searches perfectly functional. Nonetheless, take one pedal and you could be in for a nasty stun, as the chassis is missing a key element. Velocipedia began in 2009 when master Gianluca Gimini started questioning acquaintances and strangers of all ages to glean a bicycle by center onto a sheet … Read More

Nope, Hipsters Aren’t The Only Ones Who Ride Bikes

Biking — along with craft beer and sardonic tees — has become one of the various types shows of the stereotypical metropolitan hipster. Seen as a trendy, hitherto ecologically based, alternative mode of transportation, biking is on the increases in the various regions of the U.S. But a large portion of city people aren’t journeying … Read More