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15 Channel Switching Up Your Daily Commute Can Shorten Stress

Biking is get a second wind as a popular exercise. What’s not to love about it? It shortens airborne pollutants, traffic congestion and the slew of other health problems associated with our largely sedentary lives.( I’m typing this slouched over a desk as we are to talk .) More and more governments are taking the … Read More

Connected ‘maintenance-free’ bicycles set to run on Singapore’s streets by 2017

Image: mobike SINGAPORE By next year, Singapore will get a brand-new mode of transport for short intervals bicycle-sharing. Mobike, a bicycle-sharing startup from China, has announced it’s expanded into the island country, and is keen to start dispersing its electric motorcycles here. Like jobs such as Citi Bike, Mobike’s bicycles are meant to be booked … Read More

Cyclists take 50 -mile bike ride in the shape of a turkey

San Francisco is known for its winding superhighways and apparently, those winding superhighways make for quite the joyous bike route. Every year around Thanksgiving, bikers end the 50-mile Turkey Ride in San Francisco. If cyclists track their course on their phones, an image of a goose wearing a pilgrim hat appears. SEE ALSO: Enjoy these … Read More

This ‘Portal’ bike ride is sheer intensity

Wheeeeeee !Image: Crimson Bull/ Facebook Remember Portal , Valve’s puzzler which had you jump-start through punctures in the very fabric of seat, instant transporting “youve got to” another location? Well , now you can see what that would be like in real life, if you were also exceedingly, very good at travelling a bike. Like, … Read More

Nope, Hipsters Aren’t The Only Ones Who Ride Bikes

Biking — along with craft beer and sardonic tees — has become one of the various types shows of the stereotypical metropolitan hipster. Seen as a trendy, hitherto ecologically based, alternative mode of transportation, biking is on the increases in the various regions of the U.S. But a large portion of city people aren’t journeying … Read More