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She Was Registering Herself While Snowboarding, But Didn’t Notice Something In The Background

A YouTuber that goes by Kelly Murphy lately uploaded a GoPro video of herself snowboarding. Filming yourself doing such a thing was not able to odd , but what she captured in the background will certainly give you shiverings. She was stands ready to pate down a mountain( terminated with cute sing) when she inadvertently … Read More

Whats Devouring You( in National park )?

Grizzly onrushes on humans in and around our national parks ever see the report, but you’re more likely to be attacked by bison, or clicks. Here’s a steer for leery campers.”> Phillip had “ve been drinking”, and later he frequently told people close to him that hed taken LSD that night. Somewhere behind him was … Read More

Rock Climbing Bears

Mothers with youngsters or cubs – do not attempt this at home! Endangered Mexican Black Bears (mother and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall surface, March 21, 2014. I spotted them while I was kayaking and also wish to show you my nature caring, rock climbing, dramatic satisfaction. Adventure Sports: Rock Climbing Rock climbing is … Read More