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Yes, he can: Obama debuts as Sherlock Holmesian detective

Along with Watsonian sidekick Joe Biden, the former chairperson has embarked on a crimefighting job in Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer Step aside Holmes and Watson; back off Poirot and Hastings. A brand-new duet of amateur sleuths are touching municipality this month: Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Andrew Shaffer’s Hope Never Dies opens as … Read More

Obama’s California desert monument: a benefit to some, a ‘land grab’ to others

Move starts daylight after permissions arrested and accused the unofficial chairman in Oregon militia standoff, which was inspired national maintenance policies Barack Obama affirmed the most significant single property tombstone of his presidency on Friday the same week that federal officials aggressively targeted rightwing activists who have rebelled against what the hell is distinguish as … Read More

Barack Obama’s original sin: America’s post-racial illusion

For African Americans, Obamas presidency has been largely defined by his hesitancy to engage with discrimination and a racist criminal justice system In the first hours of the new year in 2009, merely weeks before Barack Obama was to be inaugurated as the next president, kills rang out in Oakland, California. A transit man reputation … Read More

Hillary Clinton’s day of drama

Washington( CNN) It was a era that was all about Hillary Clinton — but she wasn’t even the hotshot of her own depict. Instead, FBI Director James Comey and President Barack Obama took leading roles Tuesday that could substantiate crucial to her fate. The day started with relief — as Clinton learned the FBI will … Read More

Obama Is Spending His Birthday With His Family At One Of Their Favorite Vacation Spots

A lot of us have taken time today to cause a shoutout to former President Barack Obama on his 56 th birthday. While some of us waste today nostalgically longing for thestable daytimes of the formerpresidency, Obama is expending his birthday at Martha’s Vineyard, reports. Happy #ObamaDay! The excellent, most giffable chairman( PLS COME BACK … Read More

Obama at Yosemite strikes ‘lip service’ to natural attractivenes amid climate inaction

President praises national parks on visit to Yosemite and adds climate change no longer a threat, its a reality Barack Obama alarmed on Saturday that climate change could ruin many of Americas vaunted national parks, criticizing political opponents who pay lip service in regions of natural beautiful while opposing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. … Read More

Intruder caught by secret service after climbing over White House fence

Unidentified person instantly detained by secret service and sent to Washington DCs metropolitan police department An intruder hurled a backpack over the White House fence and then climbed over the barrier late on Friday before being detained by secret service agents, a spokesperson for relevant agencies said. The intruder was imprisoned immediately after scaling the … Read More

America’s war: the killing of Jaiden Dixon and Tyler Dunn

On Saturday 23 November 2013, 10 babes expired after being film. It was just another daytime in America. In an exclusive removed from his new volume, Gary Younge chronicles two short lives The most common adjective be applied by weather reporters on Saturday 23 November 2013 was perilous. But in reality there was not a … Read More

Hikers Throw Out As Obama Climbs Up Grueling Hawaii Trail

Some parties vacation in Hawaii to sip Mai Tais on the beach and indulge in well-deserved R& R. But not President Barack Obama. When he visits the Aloha State, he puts in work. On Tuesday, after his early morning gym hearing, Obama, his family and a few friends took on the Koko Head Crater Stairs … Read More