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A New Ejection Seat Makes Rocketing out of a B-2 Bomber Surprisingly Safe

The American military has a amusing way of thinking about width. Some dirt vehicles are sized not inevitably for battleground functionality, but preferably to fit inside the cargo airliners that will take them to said battlefield. And pilot sizing and load controls aren’t written to limit who can substance themselves inside a tight cockpit, but … Read More

I Employed Exclusively My Mind to Pilot a Plane Around Seattle

We got lucky with the weather in Washington State. Its a clearly defined afternoon with a few sown clouds, low-toned wind speeds–ideal flying maladies. Mike Dubburys calm briefing helps, extremely. Honeywells senior test pilot talks me through the upcoming trip-up in the Beechcraft King Air C9 0, which Ill be piloting. I cant fairly loosen, … Read More

Africa gets its firstly solar-powered airfield

( CNN) South africans has ramped up its light-green credentials by unveiling the continent’s firstly solar-powered airport. Located halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, George Airport will match 41% of its intensity ask from a brand new 200 square meter solar power plant built on its dirts. JUST WATCHED Access to electricity across Africa … Read More

Thank the Planet’s Shifty Magnetic Poles for Runway Renaming

For decades, aviators heading into or out of Wichita Eisenhower National Airport in southeast Kansas have had three runways to choose from: 1L/ 19 R, 1R/ 19 L, and 14/32. Now, at the orders of the FAA, the airport will waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to give itself a makeover. Proletarians will repaint those … Read More

Uber Unveils the Piloting Taxi It Requires to Rule the Skies

If you trust the kinfolks with their gazes tilted upward and their hands curving in the air, flying taxis could be a commerce cure-all, leveraging the third dimension to make room for everyone. Uber is among the most fervent followers, and today the company uncovered private vehicles it hopes will realize this congestion murderer: the … Read More

Mortal ‘locks himself in Boeing 747 cockpit’ at London Heathrow

( CNN) A major protection notify has just taken place at London’s Heathrow airport when an invader reportedly fastened himself in the cockpit of an empty airliner. It’s claimed “the mens” breached insurance on Saturday morning by scaling a bound fence, separating through a cordon and climbing aboard a parked British Airways Boeing 747.

The Excruciating, 200 -MPH World of Wingsuit Racing

Joe Ridler has climbed out of an airplane practically 700 occasions in his life, but when he makes the leap earlier in the day, the goals and targets will be about more than reaching the ground safely. It will be to fly through the air faster, farther, and for longer than anyone else in the … Read More