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Why don’t Kenyans pass ultramarathons?

East Africans reign long-distance flowing up to 26.2 miles but longer races are almost exclusively white-hot things. As ever in top-level athletic, fund has a lot to answer for In the world of ultrarunning, one race stands out as the most competitive, the Super Bowl, the London marathon of ultrarunning: it is the Ultra-Trail Mont … Read More

The IOC must do its duty this time and ban Russia from Winter Olympics | Sean Ingle

No amount of ground or condemnation has so far had the desired response from a committee which must now take action to avoid a slapstick countdown This time there is no justifiable room for doubt , nor reason to go wobbly. When the International Olympic Committee fills in Lausanne on Tuesday it must proscribe Russia … Read More

Boast 2.0: crumple institutions create a whole new ballgame | Sean Ingle

In the first of our sequence examining the future of sport, we look at the major challenges facing the proven abilities: from drugging and corruption to falling considering figures The dawn of London 2012. Danny Boyles opening ceremony has eviscerated any dawdling public disbelief, while Team GBs arrival and the Arctic Monkeys cover of the … Read More

Usain Bolt’s final hasten in Jamaica: a five-hour outburst of adoration and rapture

It was akin to a religious know as 35,000 parties bowed down to Jamaicas greatest contestant as he raced for the last time in the country We thank you God, for you have truly been good to Jamaica. You have anointed us with doctor, the illustrious Usain St Leo Bolt, the incarnation of sportsmanship, who … Read More