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Chimpanzee activates alert after electrifying escape from Japan zoo

Chacha, a male chimp, fended off captors at Yagiyama Zoological Park after making a bid for freedom along electricity lines A chimpanzee embarked on a brave escape from a zoo in north Japan, clambering a towering energy pole before being hit with a sedative arrow and plunge from the wires into a blanket held a … Read More

Sons and their toys: Trump and Kim lastly find a shared interest- big-hearted trucks!

The pair have been exchanging insults for months but brand-new photos divulge Kim and Trump have at least some common ground After a year of trading insults with Kim Jong-un, Trump recently seemed pained by his tense tie-in with the North Korean leader. ” I try so hard to be his friend ,” tweeted Trump, … Read More

Panoramas are the pits: therefore welcomed China’s quarry hotel

Sixteen of Shanghai hotels 18 storeys are technically underground, and the bottom two will be underwater A hotel built in an abandoned quarry that plunges 80 metres below ground level is nearing completion in China, part of a brandish of ambitious architectural jobs stimulation by speedy financial growth. The majority of the hotel on the … Read More

‘They’ll believe I’m a traitor’: North Korean defector obligates Winter Paralympics introduction

South Korea para ice hockey star Choi Kwang-hyouk expects awkward meeting with former compatriots as Pyongyang transmits first Winter Competition athletes Choi Kwang-hyouk has been unable to escape his past, and every new encounter creates the same likeness from his previous life: North Korean refugee, vagrant, amputee. For years that past weighed heavily on him … Read More

Three British tourists expire climbing waterfalls in center Vietnam

Bodies of two women and humanity recovered, officials and regime media report, as police question tour guide Three British sightseers have died while climbing waterfalls in Vietnam, and their guidebook is being questioned by police, officials and district media reported. It is not immediately known how they died in the accident near Dalat in Lam … Read More

Jaffas and adventurers: life on the world’s steepest street

Baldwin Street, in the New Zealand city of Dunedin, is attracting tens of thousands of sightseers and a few people bent on danger Most people take 10 times to clamber the worlds steepest residential street. But Bindi Bezar, who were working in a pop-up gift store near the bottom, does it in seven. I have … Read More

New Zealand company offers hires $10 a daytime to round to run

Christchurch advertising firm answers employees could experience energised by the workout and the money A Christchurch company is offering hard cash to civil servants who bike to wreak everyday in a bid to energise staff members and move the city away from a trust on autoes. Employees who cycle to and from handiwork looked forward … Read More

Hinkley Point: the’ horrendous deal’ behind the world’s most expensive power plant

The long speak: Structure Britains first new fast breeder reactor since 1995 will cost twice as much as the 2012 Olympics and by the time it is finished, nuclear power could be a stuff of the past. How could the government ten-strike such a bad deal? Hinkley Point, on the Somerset coast, is the biggest … Read More

Ivanka Trump calls for ‘maximum pressure’ on North Korea

Experts suppose Norths diplomatic overtures aimed at driving a wedge between Washington and Seoul Ivanka Trump is producing a US delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea in an effort to show a softer slope of US diplomacy on the headland while calling for maximum influence to be put one across North Korea. Trump … Read More

Papua New Guinea earthquake death toll contacts 67

Rescue tries continue as aftershocks hit Southern Highlands, a week after quake Aid works in Papua New Guinea say the death toll from last week’s 7.5 shake has reached at least 67, as the country’s remote highlands were again rocked by strong aftershocks. Three aftershocks, each more powerful than importance 5, shook the rugged Southern … Read More

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