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5 Balls-Out Insane Competitions You Won’t Believe Are Real

Sports were born when a subset of humanity became obsessed with the issue: “Who among us is the best at doing this arbitrary physical thing? ” Extreme plays came to be when an even smaller, crazier sect expected: “How could we make this arbitrary physical thought as dangerous as possible so that some of us … Read More

7 Corporate Mascots With Terrifying Implications

Like the sunbathe, some beautiful stuffs will hurt you if you stare at them for too long. Mascots, for example. They all have dark slopes, and they’re not even obscuring them; they are only hope we’re too busy to think about them for too long. But I’ve got all the time in the world, child, … Read More

6 Mistakes You’re Making At Every Spin Class

From the moment you walk into a cycling studio until the moment you leave, the whole knowledge is one sweaty blur. I necessitate, unless you’re the front row freak wearing exclusively a sex plays bra who arrives 15 hours early to chat with their teachers , no one truly knows what they’re doing. You got … Read More

5 Hilarious Ways Comic book Miscarried To Address World Issues

Superheroes always do the right thing. If a construct is burning, they are the firstly to rush in and rescue any babies. If there’s a mass shooting, they are the firstly to tell their Facebook acquaintances about how Obama will use it as an excuse to take out their artilleries. If there’s a woman talking … Read More

6 Sneaky Reasons You Haven’t Forgotten Those Last-place 3 Pounds

Losing weight is a science. But not the kind of science that lets you defraud off the minor next to you and get a 90 on the midterm without opening school textbooks. It’s the different types that’s hard, annoying, and most of the time, moderately damn random. Like, you could be going to the gym … Read More

6 Deadly World Of Being Muslim And Gay Around The World

In Islam, homosexuality is an issue of locating, site, point. In some regions, being a gay Muslim is like prevailing the anti-lottery, where the main loot is base-jumping readings without a parachute or a errand to an actual concentration camp. Thoughts are miles better in the U.S ., where Muslims are becoming more accepting of … Read More

I Own A Bike Instead Of A Car: 5 Grounds Everyone Dislikes Me

I’m one of those dipshits who never got around to getting a driver’s license. As someone who dislikes being the designated move, I am absolutely sanctified by this. Nonetheless, it also is necessary that I have to rely on public transport for most of my getting-around requirements. In recent times, I’ve gotten sick of pee-smelling … Read More

6 Actualities Of Life As The Mother Of An Autistic Child

If you’ve have a friend who obsesses over a pastime instead of spending time with people, stranges are that someone in the vicinity has reached the “autism” joke. Autism in favourite culture has come to mean “smart, whimsical, and owning no parties skills.” You know, like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory . Hell, it … Read More

9 Unexpectedly Creepy Tourist Attractions

Art is hard. You have to please at least some people, because meat costs money, but you likewise prosper on integrity and your ability to, like, challenge existing norms, husband. Maybe that’s why a certain subset of sculptors chooses to sneak their more batshit artwork into homes you’d least expect to see it. That, friend, … Read More

7 Beautiful Vacation Spots( That Crave To Kill You Dead)

Between climate change, foot-long spiders, and Shirley in accounting’s persistent refusal to sneezing into her sleeve, it’s always been clear that quality wants us dead. No affair how many bottles of mitt sanitizer you helpfully afford Shirley that she “forgets” to use, at the least you’re still comparatively safe indoors. As many of us have … Read More

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