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4 Circumstances ‘Dumb’ Politician Do That Are Secretly Smart

Those of you who follow my pillar probably don’t think of me as a particularly politically oriented novelist, because … yeah, all things considered, I’m not one. Still, that doesn’t intend I don’t follow politics, in my own mildly slack-jawed, “slowest kid in the class watching pro wrestling” kind of behavior. To preserve with that … Read More

5 Situations I’m Fine With My Daughter Getting Suspended Over

My junior high experience was like living through a neocon reboot of Lord Of The Flies . Teenaged boys rampaged through the hallways, motioning their minuscule naked dicks and defining barrages while we daughters sat through chides, preparing for an anxiety-ridden, people-pleasing living for genetic inferiority. So you can’t see the comfort I appeared when … Read More

5 Frightful Movies With Awesome Hidden Means

Some people say that it’s silly to read too much into movies because not all movies mean something. Sure, they’ll acknowledge, Alien is clearly a assault metaphor, and Aliens is all about Vietnam, but that doesn’t aim every movie is loaded with secret meaning. Surely, a piece of total shit like Alien 3 doesn’t mean … Read More

5 Real-Life Murderers More Terrifying Than Any Horror Movie

Serial killers in movies are all constrained by the same limit: The imagination of a screenwriter, who is probably not a cruel psychopath. No matter how disgusting or outright evil the imaginary murderer, there’s person out there topping them in real life. The only statements of consolation we can offer right now is that none … Read More

5 Newsworthy D-Bags Who Got Smacked Down By Karma

Thanks to the all-encompassing seeing of the online news media, our lives are saturated with assholes. Just a nonstop attack of human rights dingleberries big and small, from high-powered politicians to the sentient sack of goblin semen Martin Shkreli to that Pizza Hut manager who warned their employees over evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma. So … Read More

‘Summer House’ Recap: Freeballing Crotch Crusaders

Aw man, Cristina wont be there this week so I cant oblige her into a meme again. Ill get her next time. Ashley literally goes to cock-block Lauren and Carl. And also inform them about the Kyle/ Everett fiasco aka SplashGate. K that was uneventful and superfluous, the entire house did not need to be … Read More

I Eventually Know Why Cameron And Mikala Broke Up

Were back at and I am just now learning that its not the climax. Ugh. Mikala : Cam and I are gonna be in a life-long affair no matter what. Cam : Meanwhile Morgan and Tori are celebrating their cop-out. Morgan is truly attracting an Alicia, being like can I have a caress on the … Read More

6 Far-famed Awards Way More Full Of S #!% Than You Conclude

The greatest achievement you can hope for after a lifetime of work in your particular field is perhaps a solid clap on the shoulder as security bodyguards you out the door. But, some people do triumph big, meaningful awards for their excellent reports — or so they would like you to think. In truism, many … Read More

I Flourished Up In A Racist Militia: 5 Things I Learned

It’s fun to taunt hate radicals like the Westboro Baptist Church and those Oregon militiaman who occupied a wildlife refuge. Recollect them? They altogether failed to achieve their objectives, the internet mailed them gummy dicks, and we all had a good chortle right up until one of them was shot to death? It’s satisfying to … Read More

Are Gorillas Using Tinder Now? Spoilers: No, They’re Not

Read Next Bus Interrupts Cameraman’s Once In A Lifetime Shot As adorable as this video is, it’s important to remember that gorilla body language doesn’t always translate well to humans. What looks like a hand gesticulate to indicate, “Swipe left, swipe left, swipe left, oooh, swipe right , ” could actually intend, “Give me that … Read More

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