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5 Myths About War You Imagine( Because Of Movies)

Most of us learn everything we know about war from movies. Where else are we supposed to do now get our information from, the news? Documentaries? Actually signing up to serve? Nah, just watching The Hurt Locker 10 meters will do the trick, right? Except that war movies are constantly lying about war to moviegoers, … Read More

The 8 Best Places For A Fire Avocado Toast Instagram In LA

Whether you live in LA or are just on vacay there, you can’t leave without gramming an avocado toast at brunchthat’s just like, the standards of the feminism. Lucky for you we have done the hard work of “researching” the best avocado toasts, and by researching we necessitate getting drunk at brunch and feeing avocado … Read More

6 Horrifying Historical Adversities( We Actually Saw Coming)

What scatters a catastrophe from road traffic accidents is that we can generally investigate disasters returning — like a hurricane, or an overconfident jock facing a scrappy underdog. And in just about every coincidence that’s happened in preserved biography, humanity has needed to find someone to blame, only to be blueballed by tragedy. Well, worry … Read More

9 Lame Hobbies White People Love( For Some Reason)

There’s a type of person or persons constantly tries out a combination of varied yet lame hobbies in a journey to find something to change the sense of endless potential that succumbed long ago. For some reason, such beings are typically white-hot. I’m not sure what gleans them to some of the least cool recreations … Read More

5 Hollywood Biopics That Left Out The Craziest Scene

Biopics are what happen when filmmakers take a long, hard look at their careers and shriek to nobody in particular “DADDY NEEDS AN OSCAR.” In information, two movies in this article are nominated for a collective four Academy Bestow this year. And since prevailing these events requires a delicate balance between feel-good brainchild and heart-wrenching … Read More

5 Routes Society Trains Men To Expect Sex From Women

Are you familiar with the “Nice Guy” stereotype? It’s a soul who expends experience with a woman, buys her thoughts, and compliments her to the quality where it’s suffocating, but more out of the expectations of eventually get into her pants than from genuine friendship. Then, when a sexual relationship never develops, he gets fierce … Read More

5 Well-Meaning Rules New Parents Will See Blown To Hell

We’ve talked before about lies parents attest they’ll never tell their kids but end up telling regardless because children are so easy to lie to. But what about more sympathetic martyrs, the mothers themselves? Mothers tell themselves lies all the time — I know because I am one, and am as mind-bogglingly self-delusional a person … Read More

5 Frightening Actualities Of My Job As A Cell Tower Climber

We’ve kind of learned to live with the fact that solace was possible thanks to the daily sustain of invisible strangers. Just think of your cellphone — manufacturing it required who knows how many miners and factory worker wielding long, dangerous changes. All so you have something to look at on the toilet. But even … Read More

8 Famed Hymns That Legitimately Changed The World

Chuck Klosterman once used to say music doesn’t move anyone — it exclusively braces our hands and templates us as we move ourselves. The perfect chords or the perfect lyricals for the perfect spot in their own lives have the power to fundamentally change you because they speak to some inarticulate passion you’ve been grappling … Read More

Fan Theory: How A TMNT Villain Became A Nintendo Boss

Here at Cracked, we like to deal with world-changing, theoretical wonders. What is the purpose of life? Is fatality the end? What’s the enter into negotiations with Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ? As you can probably tell from the deed of this article, one of these questions is far more important than the … Read More

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