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6 WTF Stumbling Blocks( That Almost Killed Famous Movies)

Despite being large projects that rely on the work of hundreds or even millions of people, Hollywood movies are always one psychotic outage, drunken mistake, or anxious producer away from be closed down and disappearing into annihilation. Just look at how close some blockbusters came to never existing at all … 6 Pixar Accidentally Deleted … Read More

6 Famed Targets That -AHoles Have Obliged Insufferable To See

By now, it should come as no surprise that people can be the absolute worst when they’re on vacation. It’s almost as if the airlines army everyone to ditch their brains at the check-in line exactly to save money on jet fuel. If you require our admonition( and you do — we’re good at this … Read More

6 Situations You Should Never Apply On Your Resume* Betches

Want most honest vocation advice other than thoughts you are able to never put on your resume? Pre-order our third book, When’s Happy Hour? out October 23 rd ! While you’re clambering up the ladder to boss betchdom, at some moment you’ll perhaps have to apply for a responsibility. Unless you’re planning on gathering an … Read More

Are You The One Summary: You Don’t Need To Be A Scorpio To Be A Dipshit

Jambo! Welcome back to another season of this fresh stack of steaming bird-dog shit we announce? Hope you all have some alcohol available, because piou shit youre gonna need it. I had a bottle of ros on deck, because certainly, but likewise a handle of vodka shut, in case of emergency. IT HAS BEGUN. Oh … Read More

5 WTF Behavior Person Are Cashing In On Famous Murderers

Crime does not remuneration. Crime history , nonetheless, can establish you filthy smelling rich. Sure, buying and selling John Wilkes Booth’s mustache excerpts over and over again can work well, but there are much more creative paths parties have turned our preoccupation with killing into veritable cash cows. Just ask any serial killer — there’s … Read More

Marie Roda’s ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’ Recap: All Hail Queen Kam* Betches

The episode begins in my favorite area of the Challenge house: my own. We get a quick view into the Queen’s quarters before soon recapping last week. If you missed it: Shane did a lot of unfounded politicking for Team Big Brother , and after his efforts exited unappreciated by Davonne, he announced her a … Read More

Is Bekah M. Married Already? We Analyse The Rumors* Betches

You people. I don’t know what we did to oblige the ABC Gods so pleased to see you both the coming week, but the Bachelor bulletin is earnestly nonstop. Yesterday, the information ended that Bekah Martinez, the little gremlin that thankfully escaped Arie, is pregnant. This obviously cleared up her had decided to skip Bachelor … Read More

Is Naomie A Terrible Girlfriend To Craig, Or What?

Sorry this summary is belatedly, I actually did it on time aka on Memorial Day like a fucking loser but then I stopped forgetting to send it in so here we are. This week’s chapter sucked regardless, as you’ll soon be able to tell from the dripping disdain that pervades every convict of this summary. … Read More

5 Criminals With The Worst Luck In The Entire World

Crimes can go wrong in a lot of ways, predominantly given the fact that crooks have often been dumbasses. But in the high-stakes macrocosm of the under … world, even scheduling ahead doesn’t warranty success. Some daytimes, the universe gets high and randomly decides to turn reality into a 1980 s activity flick. And that’s … Read More

13 Reason Why ‘1 3 Reasons Why’ Is A Appalling Prove

This weekend, while harbouring a drunkard karaoke hangover from the nighttime before, I decided to see what this whole occasion was all about. You know, to keep in touch with what the kids are watching these days. I’d visualized about a million conceive parts about the show’s characterization of teen suicide, and whether or not … Read More

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