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Stranded climber rescued after four eras on Canada’s highest mountain

Natalia Martnez was captured by heavy snows on Mount Logan after earthquakes triggered avalanches An Argentinian climber stranded for four dates on Canadas highest mountain has been rescued. Natalia Martnez, who began a solo span of five, 959 -metre Mount Logan in the Yukon late last-place month, was at an elevation of about 3,900 metres … Read More

Earthquakes and commotions leave climber stranded on Canada’s highest top

Argentine Natalia Martnez was nine epoches into solo traverse when tremors provoked avalanches that left terrain unstable A mountain climber from Argentina has been stranded for eras on Canadas highest top after a series of shakes left her surrounded by unstable terrain and is now fending off a heavy hurricane that has retarded any possibility … Read More

Argentina’s government is wooing entrepreneurs with a new rule

Marta Cruz Contributor Marta Cruz is a co-founder and organizing marriage at NXTP Labs, an early-stage store for tech companies in Latin America. Despite years of financial uncertainties and the lack of a proper legal framework to help predicting startups secure uppercase, Argentine entrepreneurs are constructing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The country is home to … Read More