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Head in the clouds in Salta, Argentina

Following in the steps of the Incas, a brand-new, high-altitude trek in Salta , north-west Argentina, tackles a road which locals hope will boost tourism in this wild and lonesome region Its a riddle, mountain guide Fernando Santamaria articulates, as we peer through an arched doorway. The whodunit is an ancient throne made from slate, … Read More

Researching for the remote: Cabo Raso, Patagonia’s coastal soul township

Holidays dont get more getaway than at Cabo Raso, Argentina, an vacated coastal village reborn as an eco-friendly recede. Plus, five more remote trip-ups to try I am in the backseat of a pickup truck that is driving down the Atlantic coast of Patagonia. The dry, grassy terrain of Argentinas Chubut province doesnt seem to … Read More