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What Happens When You Track Your Boyfriend on Strava

Not long after I gratified my lover, I threw a tracking invention on him. I didn’t quite mean to do that. What I did, truly, was follow him on Strava, the GPS-powered social app that delineates your workouts. I was 23, and a nonexerciser who stayed fit with a perilous regimen of genetics. My new … Read More

Fitbit Ionic Review: The Arms Race for Wrists Shifts Into High Gear

Among the high-achieving, largely urban-dwelling professionals who expend a lot of age, money, and psychic energy on endurance contenders, sporting aspirations are worn on the wrist. That’s why investment bankers and executives helped become the Timex Ironman one of the best-selling watches in the world–a Rolex contacts asset, but that $100 digital wristwatch says you’re … Read More

The 10 better free workout apps to get your mettle racing

If you’re like most people with a jam-packed daily schedule, sometimes it is like a huge drawback to get up after a long date to go work out.( If you only have free time in the early mornings, dragging yourself out of berthed is arguably worse .) Luckily, an effective workout is a speedy download … Read More

The mobile app gold rush may be over

Ten years ago, Apple announced the iPhone, which soon gave birth to the App Store and the resulting broader app ecosystem. That manufacture has now matured, having contacted critical mass, according to a brand-new report from Flurry out this morning. While theres still some growth to be seen app habit is up 11 percent over … Read More

Peering Inside Google’s $ 19 Billion Black Box

There’s a $19 billion black box inside Google. That’s the yearly sum Google pays to companies that facilitate generate its advertising auctions, from the websites strung with Google-served ads to Apple and others that flower Google’s search box or apps in foremost recognizes. Investors are preoccupied with this money, called congestion acquisition overheads, and they’re … Read More

10 apps and gadgets to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution to get fit

Image: AP Last year, Nielsen reported the top two New Year’s solutions were to stay fit and to lose weight. Millions pledged to kick off 2016 with the definite point to get in shape but this year, you can expect the same old-fashioned decides will likely top the inventory again. SEE ALSO: Your Apple Watch … Read More

Snapchat’s speed filter is at the center of this disconcerted driving litigation

Snapchat misses beings to snap as numerous selfies as possible, but does it push them to do so at inappropriate meters? A litigation levelled against the company posits that Snapchat’s speed filter spurs foolhardy driving and effects coincidences, and is launching a exchange about technology’s character in vehicles. The suit, are presented in Spalding County, … Read More

8 Awkward Questions You Must Ask Your Fianc That Could Resolve Your EngagementThe good iPhone and iPad activities of 2015

From Her Story and Prune to Lara Croft Go, Alphabear, Altos Adventure and Minecraft Story Mode: the 25 good iOS tournaments of the year iOS gamers were truly spoiled for select in 2015, with at least two or three superb brand-new activities liberated each week. Independent developers were fizzing with ideas, even if they are … Read More