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‘I’m leading via the wing’: fed-up Ryanair passenger takes emergency exit

Man apprehended after offending fellow traveller on delayed flight to Malaga by opening door and climbing on to wing taking handwriting luggage with him An impatient Ryanair passenger scandalized fellow travellers when he pushed his way out of the emergency exit after going fed up with waiting to disembark his flight from the UK to … Read More

Gate-crash: how computers are adjusting us up of natural disasters | Tim Harford

The Long Read: We increasingly tell computers hover airplanes and to be implemented by security checks. Driverless automobiles are next. But is our reliance on automation dangerously lessening our skills? When a sleepy-eyed Marc Dubois walked into the cockpit of his own aeroplane, he was currently facing a scene of embarrassment. The airplane was shaking … Read More