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Three dead as receptacle onu of plywood falls off connection in Nigeria’s largest city

Lagos, Nigeria( CNN) A container load of plywood fell off a flat panel truck climbing a flyover crush gondolas and mostly empty commercial-grade bus in Lagos, officials said. The accident occurred at around 8p m local duration on Tuesday in a bustling business district in Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest capital city. A search and save team … Read More

Africa gets its firstly solar-powered airfield

( CNN) South africans has ramped up its light-green credentials by unveiling the continent’s firstly solar-powered airport. Located halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, George Airport will match 41% of its intensity ask from a brand new 200 square meter solar power plant built on its dirts. JUST WATCHED Access to electricity across Africa … Read More

Mozambique: the secret rainforest at the heart of an African volcano

A dream team of scientists scaled Mount Lico and felt a capital of brand-new species Standing in a cavity in the red grime of a mountaintop forest in north Mozambique, Dr Simon Willcock was unclean but so excited.” Undisturbed forest is unbelievably uncommon ,” he announced.” That is why we scaled a 125 -metre-tall cliff … Read More

2 boys guilty in South Africa coffin assault case

( CNN) Two grey males have been convicted of attempted slaying after they forced a pitch-black South African farmworker into a coffin, which they then threatened to set alight. The two accused, Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson, have asserted that they only intended to scare Mlotshwa, claiming “hes having” menaced their families and committed theft. … Read More

Taylor Wessing prize: who is the man in the photograph?

Amadou Sumaila demonstrates granted permission to share character in which he explains how and why he left Mali and arrived in Sicily Amadou Sumaila are members of 118 parties rescued from an inflatable ship drifting 20 miles off the Libyan coast on a clearly defined, calm morning in August last year. The kind of daytime … Read More

Women-only rally takes on the Moroccan Sahara with only a compass

( CNN ) Try as you might to stop it, the Sahara will still find a way to assault your senses. If the heat doesn’t get you, the sunlight might. The psychology of the task at hand is enough to break most people. “You’re channel-surf on the ripples, ” she echoes, “you just glide.” But … Read More

Brutality flares after Tunisians rally to label revolution’s commemoration

Teargas used in suburb where protesters accuse Tunisian authority of undercutting Arab outpourings legacy Tunisia Violence flares after Tunisians rally to distinguish revolution’s anniversary Teargas used in suburb where objectors allege Tunisian authority of eroding Arab spring’s legacy Emma Graham-Harrison in Tunis Sun 14 Jan 2018 16. 17 EST First published under Sun 14 Jan … Read More

The$ 1 Million Summer Vacation

According to a recent examine, Americans would spend an average of $43,154 on vacation if money “werent any” objectalmost exactly the same amount as the average salary nationwide. But if coin is no object, why not go whole hog? In an effort to find the real explanation of no-holds-barred indulgence, we asked seven pas insiders … Read More

Hundreds of refugees try to scale barricade subdividing Morocco and Spanish enclave

An estimated 1,100 people from sub-Saharan Africa try to reach Europe by clambering over their own borders barricade with Ceuta on New Years Day Hundreds of refugees have tried to hop a high double barrier between Morocco and the Spanish district of Ceuta, arising in murderous strifes with police. A group of 1,100 beings from … Read More

Forgotten cities# 9: combating racism and breaks- the plundering of Great Zimbabwe

In the 19 th century, European visitors to this abandoned medieval municipality refused to believe that indigenous Africans could have constructed such an extensive network of headstones. Such ignorance was ruinous for the remains of Great Zimbabwe In the early 16 th century, rumours of a mysterious fortress with stupendous walls, abandoned in the African … Read More

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