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US Open minutes, Calcio Storico brawlers and failing to The Freeze

This weeks roundup also features Pakistans cricketing high-priceds and lows, a vertigo-inducing mountain descent and a piece of overzealous goalkeeping 1) An Atlanta Braves fan takes on The Freeze with a massive headstart, tries his hand at hubris, falls over. 2) It was the Calcio Storico semi-finals last weekend and the match between La Santa … Read More

The Joy of Six: players who have exceeded in more than one boast | Michael Butler and Ian McCourt

From a gun-slinging Jackie Stewart to Tadhg Kennellys exploits in Gaelic football and AFL, there are half-a-dozen jocks who have switched sports 1) Simen Agdestein For most people, football and chess has not been able to be more different. One is played in the silt and rainwater. The other does not even expects trainers. Football … Read More