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7 Travel Repeats That Will Have You On The Next Flight Out Of Your City

Traveling in and of itself has nothing to do with fear. Fear is an spirit. Therefore, panic is fleeting. Emotions and experience are not the same. Many people perplex horror for indecision, proliferation or change. Therefore, they associate fear and wandering in the same headspace. There is no fear in clambering the mountain. There is … Read More

Move Over, Iceland: The Azores Are the Hot New Adventure Destination

Millions of years ago, the earths sounding mantle gave rise to nine small islands in the middle of the North Atlantic. Today, the Azoreswhich are located 1,000 miles off the coast of Europeis a quiet realm of quaint Iberian charm and brilliant vine-draped dark-greens carved out by a dramatic history of volcanic events. Like Iceland, … Read More


When parcelling your bags for an epic undertaking, a camera is the most vital accessory. Don’t imagine us? Take a look at the Travel category for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards. Though the overall winners of the rival won’t be announced until April 21, the recently announced shortlist includes lush photos from categories like … Read More

13 Doubts All Solo Female Travelers Are So Tired Of Answering

Remember when you couldnt discount how badly you wanted to travel anymore? You asked your friends, lover, fucking cousin, and your best friend from third point to go with you until ultimately you realized that if you wanted to travel youd have to go it alone. Perhaps those around you expressed concern or tried to … Read More

The Mysterious Shadows Of Skullshadow Island

This boast compels JavaScript to function. YOU are Eric Coleman! You and your older brother, Brock Coleman, are calling Hollowport, Maine with your papa, who is there to deliver a lecture on criminology. While walking through the sleepy municipality, you discover frightened mumbles of strange befalls at Skullshadow Island out in Twilight Bay. Secret fibs … Read More

55 Concepts To Do Instead Of Moving To Grad School

I’m not here to discourage you from going to grad school. By all means, if you have ambitions of being a doctor, lawyer or scriptwriter, I foster you to go follow those daydreams. Future me will even compensate you good fund to save my life, segment my assets and entertain me with your recent fright … Read More

This Is How You Find The Perfect Travel Buddy To Travel On Your Next Adventure

Finding an genuine associate with another person in the age of technology is a uncommon manifestation. As you can imagine, meeting a person who is willing to take a spontaneous beach trip or get up at 3am to go snowboarding with you is even more difficult. If you are a fan of wild living and … Read More

Traveling to mend a broken heart

( CNN) After breaking up with my Australian boyfriend, I was left with nothing but anguish and a plane ticket Down Under. The ticket was bought a few months prior, intended for a reunion with my fan over the holidays. Instead, the last leg of the flight was canceled and my layover, Hawaii, became my … Read More

JAMAJCA. DanceHall. Passa Passa. Nature. People. Culture. Sea. Fishes. Songs. Reggae. Kitesurfing.

Jamajca 2013. Bomboclat. Going on a Kitesurfing Holiday One of the best things you can do during a holiday is to discover a new activity. A kitesurfing holiday is ideal for you to explore the new extreme sport that’s taking the world by storm. What is kitesurfing all about? Well, it’s all about you, the … Read More