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Ready Player One review- Spielberg’s lustrous VR caper isn’t worth playing

Flashy adaptation of the book is full of pop culture notes and stunning visuals but a thin story and shallow characters With the help of Van Halen’s Jump, Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One launches its video game adventure narration at full speed. The year is 2045; the place is Columbus, Ohio. Our hero, Wade Watts( … Read More

How we induced Deliverance

John Boorman: Wherever good Ned Beatty extended, parties would say: Moan like a animal! It went on for years John Boorman, chairman Warner Bros had acquired the rights to James Dickeys novel, and, after obliging Hell in the Pacific in very difficult circumstances, they felt I was the man to take it on. Id never … Read More

Into the void: the fast life and shocking death of a wingsuit-flying hotshot

Alexander Polli was an adrenaline junkie, a daredevil who could pilot through faults in rockfaces at 150 mph. Our columnist tells the astonishing legend of Base, a new film starring Polli that had to be delayed when he was killed by the play he loved One week after his wingsuit-flying spouse croaked, Carlos Briceno Schutte … Read More