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Tower Preserves: A Place To Be Seen

“Olive”( absolutely no truth to the rumors real reputation) is a woman who worked at Tower Records on Sunset Strip for two-and-a-half years in the 1980 s. In honour of the premier of ABCs WICKED CITY, here she remembers her various touches with the rich, the far-famed, and the intoxicated . David Lee Roth I … Read More

Street Photographer Recreates Photos He Took in the 80 s in Amazing Reunion Series

For the last 4 decades, street photographer Chris Porsz has been documenting working class Brits in his hometown of Peterborough as well as other regions of England over the years. Now 30+ years later, Porsz has expended the better part of a decade tracking down beings from his original photos taken in the 70 s … Read More