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Inside Olympian Shaun Whites Disturbing Sexual-Harassment Case

Every two years, the Olympics manage to build our spooky, disconnected world-wide a little better, uniting gatherings through awe and a shared desire to ogle IOC-approved hotties. Unlike most trending topics in 2018, the Olympics is feel-good through and through. Even “the worlds largest” jaded Americans will find themselves cheering on Chloe Kim, gazing up … Read More

How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics Online

If you want to watch all of the Olympic competitions this year, you’re gonna require a lot of screens, and a lot of time off. The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and NBC is livestreaming just about every incident. From February 7-25, the network will broadcast 1,800 hours of … Read More

Chassis Skater Brains Are Literally Wired Differently

When we &# x27; re little and memorizing how to gait, we stumble and drop all the time. When we do, we slope out our hands to cushion our descent; if we pass, we instinctively try to propel ourselves presented to not fall on our back. For Olympic ice skaters, however, that instinct must be … Read More

The Physic of One of the Craziest Big Air Snowboard Tricks Ever

Behold the stomach-clenching spectacle of the quadruplet cork 1800. The dizzying snowboarding trick–first territory by British Olympian Billy Morgan, above–involves propelling off a ramp into four off-axis flips( called corks) and five full rotates. Merely four parties had already been completed the 1,800 -degree stunt. But this month in Pyeongchang, South Korea, expect to see … Read More

Snowboarding’s Sick Tricks Can Be Shockingly Hazardous

In an alternate cosmo, hurtling yourself down a snowy descent doesn’t really sound safe. Except, in the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, doing so on a duet of skis or hovering midair to land on snowfall( and maybe even frost) are sporting accomplishments that result in medals and greatnes. On Monday evening, 17-year-old phenom Chloe Kim … Read More

The Pyeongchang Olympics Opening Ceremony Was Silly, Political, and Ridiculously Fun

Though the Olympics Welcoming ceremony took place Friday morning, the games in Pyeongchang actually knocked off Thursday night and have already been a wild journey of low-toned lows–who greased the rink before Nathan Chen took the ice ?– and exceedingly, very high high-priceds: World, say hello to Italian duets representation skater Matteo Guarise. But even … Read More

The Inescapable Agony of Olympic Spoilers

Going into the snowboarding finals of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Red Gerard’s chances of nabbing a medal ogled stark. He’d bumbled his first two drains, residence him second-to-last among the 12 snowboarders rivalling in slopestyle. But Gerard’s final performance was breathtaking–a series of gravity-defying jump-starts that launched him to the top of the scoreboard, … Read More

Whats the Hardest Move in Ice Dancing? Twizzles

Often, for non-athletes, watching the Olympics is an exercise in thwarting. It’s simply hours of gawking at highly gifted competitors see so difficult stuffs appear very easy. The 2018 Winter Olympics will be no different. Alpine ski jump, snowboarding moves, impossible-seeming hockey shots–it’ll be a buffet of gallant exertions. But exactly what we actually the … Read More

The Security Savants Shielding the Winter Olympics

When the world’s attention shakes to South Korea on February 9, the eyewitness and players will be thinking about more than gold medals. The saber-rattling between the neighboring Koreas realizes for an ominous backdrop to the XXIII Olympic Winter Games, a tension that hearing the countries’ players march under the same flag and skate on … Read More