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Lonely Planet’s top Asia spots for 2016

( CNN) Asia is the world’s biggest and most populous continent. The region is enclosed by seas and oceans, and strewn with cities, rainforests and diverse sceneries that include Earth’s highest point — Mount Everest — and its lowest, the Dead Sea. After discharging its Asia-focused columnists to trek through the continent’s natural and metropolitan … Read More

Steve the Trump Tower Climber Liberated Video Manifesto Pledging Support for Donald Trump

Why did this serviceman give suction beakers to climb Trump Tower? A video posted on YouTube a day earlier plies some clues.”> If Steve from Virginia, as authorities have identified him, wanted to get Donald Trumps attention, he almost certainly succeeded. On Wednesday afternoon, the long-haired man wearing white-hot baseball cap and a black knapsack … Read More

The Missing Man at the Center of Hillary Clintons Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton’s top techie took the Fifth when asked to comment on her private servers. But he may not be able to stay silent.”> Of all the characters in the political drama of Hillary Clintons private email server , nothing has been more mysteriousand potentially more importantthan a 40 -year old-fashioned technology professional appointed Bryan … Read More

Your Most Favorite VVV-Posts In 2016

So here are the 15 posts you parties somehow “ve managed” clink “the worlds largest” here on Viral Viral Videos this year( this travels from about 4,000 to 38,000 beliefs per upright ). Next to some more recent videos you already tend to rewatch some older footage from the year’s before. Interesting taste, person! 1. … Read More

Feminists Take a Sway at Kellyanne Conwayand Whiff Totally

Hey, liberal feminists: If Kellyanne Conway would rather not take a requiring White House job because of her four kids, that’s her business.”> Recently, Kellyanne Conway, who cleared record as the first girl safarus manager of a winning presidential campaign, explained why she turned down a elderly capacity in the Trump White House. During Politicos … Read More

How Donald Trumps New Mexico Rally Changed Violent

Burning’ Make America Great Again’ shirts, inhale grenades, hair-pulling–how did Tuesday night’s Albuquerque event come to this? A peacekeeping tutor and arrested demonstrator speak out.”> One man grabbed Tylina Hardys blows while a woman pushed her from behind, stumbling as Hardy moved to get away. Thats when the crowd at Donald Trumps revival Tuesday nighttime … Read More

People Are Awesome: Good Videos Of The Year 2016

A year of awesomeness and parties. So People Are Awesome put together a best of video of 2016 and publish it after eleven of twelve months. What if the really best videos are still to come within the next four weeks? The parties don’t attend, this is something that video already has over 300.000 scenes( … Read More