Supposed Drug Smugglers Have Been Filmed Climbing The US-Mexico Border Fence

Mexican journalist Carolina Rocha and a camera gang from the network Tv Azteca have captivated footage of two men scaling the US-Mexico border fence. They can be seen carrying large backpacks while clambering the fence before seeing the decision to retreat.

The young men are believed narcotic smugglers who climbed the very tall fence from Mexico into the United States to probably sell illegal essences. They instantly go back over borderline fence into Mexico when they discover the reporter filming them. Rocha was reporting on US Border Patrol for the Mexican network when she recognise the men clambering the border fence broad-minded daylight. It is thought that the large knapsacks that the two men were carrying were impounding medicines. The footage shows the men marching in such a way so as not to draw attention to themselves. They saunter with their backs impression over, and formerly they have reached the other side, they obscure behind some shrubs. One of the men can be talking on the telephone before realizing the objective is being filmed and the other can be heard replying “don’t record”. Rocha responded by telling them that she was simply doing her profession. The footage goes on for another three minutes before the men are visualized scaling the tall frontier barrier once again- this time returning to Mexico. “It was scandalizing. This is happening in front of me? And we didn’t stop preserve, ” Rocha said in Spanish an interrogation with the Associated Press . Rocha later used to say she was amazed at how quickly they are capable of clambered the 20 ft margin barricade- it occurred in such matters of seconds. She was also in disbelief that the two men is no more than deterred by the rolled cameras and not the several US border patrol agents who were close by. In point, there were three US Border Patrol trucks within a few gardens of the men. The incident occurred in March 2016 at a time when border defence was a heated edition during President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump’s plans to build a wall to act as a “securer” border between the US and Mexico have caused often arguing. Over a year later and eight paradigms for the wall have now been fabricated- four members of which are made of concrete and the other four are made of “other materials”. It remains to be seen when the building of the wall will take place. In the meantime, watch the footage of the suspicious pharmaceutical smugglers sweeping the US-Mexico border fence.

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