Stranger Things Season 2 Just Got A New Release Date And Its Earlier Than The Original

It’s time to get back to the Upside Down! just sagged the premiere time for the work of its second season, and its coming sooner than we thought.

The show’s official Twitter account posted a short time ofMike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin razzing their bikes into their township of Hawkins, Indiana, underneath an eerie red-faced, stormy sky. At the end of the time, we learn that Season 2 is coming on October 27, a duet epoches earlier than the Halloween premiere that fans were expecting!

Check out the first Season 2 time below.

This is great news for followers of the make Netflix sci-fi series. Initially, it was being reported Season 2 would stop on Halloween, but now we can orgy the new season before the holiday and perhaps get some new-inspired dress ready.

The one downside of the brand-new time: The gang really isn’t all back all going together. Though Will Byers is lastly back biking with his boys, it looks like Eleven is still missing. Of track, last season ended with Eleven fading with the Demogorgon into the Upside Down, and sadly it shows she’s still gone.


Not much know anything about what columnists/ heads the Duffer Brother have planned for Season 2, but we do have more detailed information. Millie Bobby Brown revealedthe brand-new season is darker than the first, and we know that after sitting outside most of last season, Will Byers will become a central character in this run of episodes.

Netflix also disclosed all nine of the escapade designations from the brand-new season, which has caused tons of formulating among fans.

But with all the unexpected and erratic spins and passes this demo took in Season 1, it’s likely best to just wait and see what’s going to happen ratherthan try to theorize. Just three and a half more months to go!