Stranded climber rescued after four eras on Canada’s highest mountain

Natalia Martnez was captured by heavy snows on Mount Logan after earthquakes triggered avalanches

An Argentinian climber stranded for four dates on Canadas highest mountain has been rescued.

Natalia Martnez, who began a solo span of five, 959 -metre Mount Logan in the Yukon late last-place month, was at an elevation of about 3,900 metres when a 6. 2-magnitude shake hit Yukon and Alaska on Monday, transmitting snowfall and glacial sparkler gate-crashing down around her camp. A few hours later, the mountain was rattled by a second earthquake of magnitude 6.3 along with several aftershocks.

Martnez ensconced in her tent about 135 miles from the earthquakes epicentre was unscathed by the avalanches triggered by the quakes, but left stranded.

A message posted on the ExpeNews website favourite with climbers told Martnez was rescued on Thursday night.

ExpeNews alleged a pilot with a charter of fundamental rights busines Icefield Discovery had noticed upgrading of weather conditions and notified a save squad. The website pronounced Martnez was taken to the Icefield Discovery basi in Kluane Lake.

Martnez on the summit of Mount Malaspina on the Saint Elias Mountains of Yukon. Picture: Courtesy of Camilo A Rada Giacaman

Camilo Rada, Martnezs clambering collaborator of 10 years, said this week that Martnez had been working hard to keep her camp safe and to stay safe.

He described Martnez as a highly effected climber whose ordeals in Patagonia had readied her for heavy gales and extreme coldnes. Shes used to really serious climate in Patagonia, she had been through a number of gusts and she knows what to do. But that doesnt represent its easy its extremely tiring, specially if you have to do it alone, he said.

Rada, who was in regular contact with Martnez via planet phone from his home in British Columbia, said the 37 -year-old was in her tent on Monday morning when she heard what she described as an enormous roaring. She didnt know it was an shake. She felt the glacier she was on was collapsing, read Rada. The whole ground around her was shaking and moved a lot. She was pretty scared.

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